Need a front wheel seal on Cub Cadet

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Nov 5, 2018
Cub Cadet 7195
I have a 7195 Cub Cadet with a bad front swivel seal. I checked all the online parts dealers with no luck. They all tell me it’s obsolete. Does anyone know of another place or what can I do besides keeping it full of oil.
Need help.
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Do you own a shop manual? If not, start there in your quest to repair it.

It is expensive to create a seal just for one product. You may find it available some other place such as a seal dealer. Most seals have numbers you can find once disassembled.
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Give a part number, and better description of what you are looking for. We're not mind readers. Picture would be helpful also.
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Seals made in or to USA specs have an industrial # etched or printed on them. Clean the seal then carefully examine under good light,the lettering and numbers are usually faint and difficult to see. Failing that mic it for a match.
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They were made by Mitsubishi and as IH3444 pointed out Messicks should have the seal you are looking for - just use the diagrams on line. If its the propeller shaft seal it's this on SEAL,OIL
Part # MA-08401030458
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Sorry guys, I haven't been available to respond. I won’t be able to look at it until later in the week. At first glance I was looking at the bottom of the kingpin, but now I see oil coming from higher up. I’ll have to take a closer look at it later in the week. I’ve attached some picture’s, and I have gotten the diagram with part numbers from messicks.

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I took a better look and the dirt on the housing must have soaked it up. I don’t know, unless at one point it shot out of there.
It’s definitely leaking from the bottom of the kingpin. I grabbed a hold of the housing and tried to see if there was a bad bearing also. Didn’t seem like it.
I’m thinking I’ll have to take it apart and get some measurements so I can look online for a place that has one. Hope for the best I guess? I found a service manual that has a step by step to take it apart. I also contacted cub cadet hoping they can give me some measurements. They haven’t replied yet.
I’ve included a picture of the whole thing. This picture isn’t from the service manual. Any other ideas?
I’m sure it’ll only get worse.

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I would give it a good cleaning, check the oil level and add some 90 WT gear oil and run it, but buy the seals and bearings now so you can replace when needed.

Why not just get them from Messicks ?
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I tried, made my order, gave them my credit card number.
An hour later they emailed me back with a refund. Said the parts are obsolete.
I tried them all and I got the same answer.
I talked with an implement parts man and he suggested the same thing. He said it hardly works but It might slow it down.
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I have found a used cub cadet that is sitting at a parts junk yard. I have a 7195 that was made in 97 and this one is a 7200. I looked up the parts numbers and their the same. I’ll need to buy the whole housing and reduction gears right where it bolts up to the front axle.
Right now I don’t see any other options. He left a message on my phone an wants me to make an offer. Just wondering what you guys think the part is worth?
I’ve sent some pictures to show what I need.