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Welding from a genset is a pain, especially tedious fab work.
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I’ve only welded off my generator (Predator 8500 w/40 amp 220v outlet)- it worked but I’d be very concerned if I was using it on something like the omni pro with all of the computerization. Maybe an inverter generator puts out a clean enough output for all those ics but I’m pretty sure my Predator doesn’t-wouldn’t want to find out the hard way . Bottom line-is there any way you can get 220v? Dryer outlet with very heavy extension cord? Something else? I’d do the run you propose otherwise-just gage appropriately for the run length.

Take a hard look at the Viper welders-I have the Viper MiG 180 (also does stick) and have been very happy with it-at quite a bit lower cost than the same capability Lincoln or Hobart. Yes, it is Chinese but the quality has been good enough for me so far.

I have two 50 amp 220v dedicated welding outlets in my shop- one at front, one in the middle. 50 amp, 220v should cover any welder I’ll ever own.

You’re welcome to come try it for youself if you want-it’s only 15-20 miles. PM me if you want.
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"220" requires a real long cord.
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I’ve only welded off my generator (Predator 8500 w/40 amp 220v outlet)- it worked but I’d be very concerned if I was using it on something like the omni pro with all of the computerization. Maybe an inverter generator puts out a clean enough output for all those ics but I’m pretty sure my Predator doesn’t-wouldn’t want to find out the hard way
I am not sure about them all but some of the new inverters designed to run from gensets. Units like the Maxstars were touted as able to run from crummy power. But,,, having said that a shop without adequate power is difficult to work from and running service to it would be on top of my short list before I even consider striking an arc.
The upside is many modern welders now run from 30A which makes it slightly easier but I still run number 2 alum to those buildings usually fed by 60. Can run a couple hundred ft and still be plenty usable. The benchmark is still 50A circuit for welder and a little to spare for air comp. The number 2 is a 90A wire and could be changed up to that although I have never had to do it.
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Imo Hobart is the way to go, I have a 210 mvp for mig, 190 with spool gun for aluminum, 235 lx ac/dc for stick and a lincoln 140c for flux core light duty out door welding. For heavier steel I'd try and run it off a 50amp breaker as I have tripped 30 and even 40 amp breakers when it's cranked. My only complaint on Hobart is the tap settings for amperage. Side note I'm not very familiar with hf welders except the cheap ones. Funny story I was welding for a buddy at his place with his hf flux core welder touched some rather hot steel burnt right through the lead, funny to see they use cocktail straws for the liner. For comparison at my old job I've ran over the leads of a lincoln mig welder with a fork truck did nothing and still functioned flawless.
Pound for pound/dollar for dollar I doubt that you can beat the Hobart MIG welders!
I have the Hobart Handler 190 MIG (30A, 240V)
It is a transformer style welder (heavy).
I bought it new in the box, delivered to my door, 2 years ago on a deal complete with aluminum gun.
Sold the aluminum gun on E-Bay, so am now in my Hobart Handler 190 for $444.
Minimal cost, for a great MIG machine!
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agree Hobart welders are quality. have a Stickmate arc ac/dc & couldn't be more pleased
to OP: what's the distance from your house main to possible garage 220 recep? (assuming there's room in your main box)
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Thank you all for the responses! I really do appreciate it.

Sounds like I need to run a dedicated circuit. The panel is on the exact opposite side of the house from the garage, and the "shop" is on the far side of the garage in the last bay. Long run. I measured it at about 75ft. I believe, for a 50amp circuit, I'll need 6/3 wire. I found this on Amazon: Southwire #63950002 125' 6/3 W/G NMB Cable - Electrical Wires -

Its expensive, but I believe it is the right wire for the job. If not, please correct me. I'm no electrician, but this project sounds simple enough.

Routing the wire though the house is simple. The ceiling in the basement, much of it, is unfinished. So running it up there is easy. And down to the panel is easy. Going though the finished wall into the garage, I'm guessing I'll need to demo some drywall. But, once I'm though that wall, I the rest of the garage is still unfinished. Should be an easy run to where the outlet is.

Unfortunately, there is not much room in my panel. But I can combine some breakers and use one of these: Eaton BRD230250 Breaker, 30/50A, 2P, 120/240V, 10 kAIC, Quad, BR Series: Industrial & Scientific I already have one in my panel. Then all I need is the outlet, cover, and box. Seems simple enough.

As for the welder. I reached out to Mark @ Everlast, who I saw posting in other threads here. Having seen Everlast welders on Amazon, I decided to take a closer look. They are actually running a sale right now too! I poked around, reading stats and reviews, watching videos, etc. I settled on the Everlast PowerMTS 251Si with TIG Package. PowerMTS 251Si with TIG Package | Everlast Generators It's a bit over my budget, but crypto has been good to me lately, so I offset the cost with my gains in that realm.

I got an email from Everlast shortly after ordering that welder that they are backordered a few weeks. Then I got a response from Mark @ Everlast. He told me that I certainly will not want to run that welder off my generator, that I'll need a dedicated circuit. Which, of course, means more money, and time. But I think it will be worth it. He then informed me that if I want to TIG weld aluminum, I'll want the Lightning MTS 225 With TIG Package, on sale now, for only $2k! But it TIG welds in AC and DC. I dont think I'll need that. I dont really think I'll be welding Aluminum, and If I do, for some reason, I can get the spool gun.

As for pulling a permit, and doing the work myself, etc. I will be doing that. I also have a friend who is a retired electrician, who I'm sure will be able to help me. Though, I have yet to ask.
I've looked up the codes, and everything seems easy enough.

Thank you again for all the responses. I really do appreciate it! (y)
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TIG of aluminum requires A/C (hence my 255EXT). But you can MIG weld aluminum with DC. Requires 100% Argon gas, and usually a spool gun, though i made a 10' MIG gun setup for aluminum wire. YouTube can help. The 251Si can MIG aluminum with the right wire and gun set up. The 15' gun i use for steel wire was $75. Converting the included 10' MIG gun was about $30 for the new liner tube and feed rollers.

30A RV extension cords are pretty cheap.
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I bought the MTS 251si some time ago and love it. Came with 300a MIG & jumbo TIG torch and I bought smaller ones for lower power welding (<150a). My 220v outlets are wired for 60a w/50a breakers and 10-50 to 6-50 adapter for 'welder' plugs.

All my welders (Miller, Airco, NGC/Miller, HFT, & imported plasma) have one plug style or the other. I use a 20' 6 Ga 10-50 extension cord that handles more like a stiff garden hose but stores easily and allows me to plug-n-play outside of the barn or garage.


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Avenger: seems to me you're doing your homework here. if your existing house main can accommodate, think your decision to wire an appropriate 220 garage receptacle is a good one. for your run, you should find ample gauge info for 50A circuit run of that distance, looks like you already have

just a thought while you're considering the garage wiring.... i was in a similar situation yrs back wanting to add 220v woodworking, ect, machines to my limited space garage. since i was upgrading my house main circuit box @ the time, i decided to run an appropriate gauge cable to the garage for a 100 amp box there. from that garage 100A box, i ran dedicated 220 & 110 circuits for my machines (mounted on mobile bases so i could still park vehicle, etc)

since you're investing in a fairly heavy gauge cable for your run to the welder, with not a lot more, you could at least anchor a 100A box in your garage, then run your welder circuit.

just a long worded way of suggesting future options for you in a limited space but with ambitious shop designs. best regards
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