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Yeah, the only reason I went 60amp is because of availability. I may downgrade it when I find a 50amp, but everyone was sold out around here. I contacted Everlast, and they said a 60amp will be just fine. The welder itself has a breaker on it too. Not sure the rating, didn't look that close. I think I'll be fine. I hope I'll be fine.
Whar looks like a breaker on the back of the unit is listed as a power switch in the manual. Not sure if it has over current protection. The cord is 10awg.
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Thats great, I was curious about these and have looked at a couple machines and saw somewhere one listed a 13 ga wire,,, ha. With a 10 it prolly is listed for a 60. The US brand are notorious for confusing manuals but we are familiar with them but these add another layer to it without a wire guide. They seem to leave it to extrapolation and engineering, given the nature of these and diy it couldnt hurt to have some lay terms. ???? US ones also tend to assume the installer is familiar with nema and nec.
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I wonder how much it could hurt to simply upsize the minium by one and clearly state that if using cable it needs to be another one? I think this needs to have 8 wire if cable due to duty and possibly 8 if its a shared pipe. Same for the little 200 class migs and new inverters. Anyone really going to run a single circuit pipe just so they can use 14,,, then add adapters at the devices for termination? I think the 6-50 lists 10 and some may include 12 as I recall but 10 is so much more robust and with machines like buzzers it gives the performance a little boost especially as the wire gets a little longer and the current goes up. Not a noticeable gain for 50A class machines after that though but quite a leap from 12 to 10, not so much gain by going to 8 but code calls for ity on higher duty units like some 250 migs.
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I say some because my red 255 calls for 10 and a MM251 calls 8. I would tend to bet if I had to this green is a 10 machine in pipe or 8 cable.
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I have a 20ft 8ga cord on my Lincoln 256 MIG
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Seeing as how I dont own a stand alone electric range anymore the only thing I even have would overheat a 10 wire is a 300 synchro. Cant think of a single other thing I use requires a bigger wire. Largest motor is 5.
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Ready made cords come 8. Its so they can use all the machines that come factory 50 plug.
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despite all the decisions on installing the aux box in garage, bet you're pleased you're going that route than with the original gen set idea. you'll thank yourself many times over, looks like lots of good advice here best regards
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Absolutely no doubt some wire and a panel is a good investment here. Its one thing when a guy absolutely positively has to use an engine drive but shop fabrication is a pain in the azz. Can use different machines now at different voltage even. Could let a modern inverter idle for the next 10 years for the power of a day run from some welders or gensets.
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I harp on this a little due to the fact its worth knowing a bit about some of the specifics and the code requirements to special outlets such as a welder. First, I cant think of any other equipment comes with 6-50 and if the rules are followed in some cases it can be used for other things and if they are followed it prevents their use for others. Motors have special requirements etc.
Something to consider is the difference between require and personal preference and code and some assumptions that thee code people are idiots and dont know what they are doing. Good chances if a guy doesnt fully understand why then its him that doesnt and not a fault with the code. Second, because its code minimum does not mean its not adequate. There is a statement in the book talks about this, doesnt mean its a design works best but its safe to use etc. However,,, upsize and upgradeusually well reserved for special circumstances by the educated rather than the amateur thinks his outlet is the biggest and badsest and needs 2 or 3 sizes bigger,,, in some cases 1 isnt even helpful and in some cases the reccomended size is the right one for reasons most lay types havnt considered all specifics. And,,, there are a few.