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I agree, I believe prices are regional. I purchased last year a new GC1725MTLB with the 60 inch drive over mower deck. The same exact equipped John Deere 1025R would have cost me $6000 more then the Massey. I'm not gonna spend an extra $6000 to keep up with the Jones' here in the Pacific northwest. It appears to be the "in" thing to own a JD here. Not a sheep here and I don't eat kale either. So then it came down between the Kubota and the Massey Ferguson. I chose the Massey because of the dealer. The guy there said that most people do very good research on the Internet and probably know the product better than they do. I told him I was also looking at the John Deere and the Kubota. He said they were both fine tractors didn't try to use the plastic hood metal hood thing he just said those are great tractors too. When I saw the service area and the parts department then I was sold.
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Definitely regional. I am seriously bringing down the neighborhood. Two oranges and better than 10 compacts, mowers, and SCUTS. I am the only red guy in site.

Love my Massey so far just passed 85 hrs and it is completely living up to the demands my small yard throws at it.

Congrats on the new tractor, your going to love it.
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Just passed 30 hours and its done everything ive thrown at it. Driveway hadnt been worked on in probably 20 years, and it looks great now. Landscape rake used to clean out around old buildings of blocks, rocks, etc. Garden is neat as a pin. Wish the old cultivator would fit it, but its just got too much out in front of the pins to ever fit. But, run the tiller on the GC then run the cultivator through on the 135 and make a great. Two tractors...the original "quick hitch"...