New L6060, what's wrong with my rear remote?


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May 21, 2018
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A couple thoughts.

The single valve that comes standard on the tractor is a self canceling valve. It requires significant force to set the lever in the self canceling mode. It feels similar to a detent. It's on both ends of the lever movement. If the lever isn't set into the self canceling detent hydraulic movement is minimal and seemingly powerless. The single standard equipment valve should be in the lower position of the stack.

The 2nd optional valve is normally a float valve. Detent/float on the lower/forward position of the lever.

The 3rd optional valve is normally a float valve. Detent/float on the lower/forward position of the lever.

Another option is a "flow control valve". It would be in the stack, in your case, between the 2nd and 3rd valves. It has a knob adjuster and does just what the name implies. It restricts the flow in the 3rd valve. If it is partially closed it will considerably slow flow. If almost completely closed will cause relief valve squealing. Will all have a dramatic affect on the function of the lever because you're pushing against an almost dead system.
The L6060 does not have those valve options from Kubota. The only two choices are the standard Double Acting, or Float. Sadly, they don't have self canceling or detent valves. I asked about other options when I bought mine and was told the top below were all I could use. (Unless you find something 3rd party of course.)


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Aug 16, 2013
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If that is a Landpride blade there is a orifice in one of the elbows that is suppose to be installed on the blade tilt cylinder, it might have got installed on the wrong cylinder, I assembled my blade myself and almost missed that, If its Landpride go to their site and look up the manual for it, it has directions on that part.


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Nov 12, 2009
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Hey all,

I just took delivery on a shiny new L6060 (woo!). While most of my implements are back ordered into oblivion, I at least got my hydraulic rear blade to play with. When I started using it I noticed something really funky with my rear remotes. I'm hoping someone could give some feedback on what might be up.

For context, I ordered 3 rear remotes, 2 detent and 1 float. My understanding is that a single float is always installed in position 2. In this video I explain and show what's going on with the three, but in summary, remote 1 and 2 don't have float detents but work fine otherwise, while remote 3 is nearly impossible to move in the back position, as if it's fighting something. If I REALLY put my strength in to it I can make it go but the hydraulics are whining and fighting me.

My engineering mind thinks that they installed the float in remote 3 and maybe backwards, so that pulling back on the remote lever is fighting the float detent in the wrong place.

The dealer rep so far has said that that's just the float valve and that's how it's supposed to be. I am of course pushing back but am hunting for more understanding to help with the diagnosis from-a-distance since I'm so far from the dealer.

Here's the video, and of course a glamor pic :cool:

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Check your linkage adjustment from the valve to the control stick. Hard to tell but it looks like it could be binding up in the back position. Try swapping that blade function to a different remote. That way you can isolate valve vs blade issue. I don’t think it is deadheading. It sounds like the valve is only partially open in that position.


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Dec 7, 2011
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I would check the linkage under the panel to make sure everything can move properly. When I installed my remotes following the instructions, the hoses blocked one valve lever from moving all the way. The hoses needed to be moved to let the lever go through a full range of motion. They obviously did not realize that when the instructions were created.

I don't know if this applies to your tractor, but on my L3200, certain valves could only go in certain positions. I only have two, a standard double acting and a double acting with float detent. I don't remember all the details but the valves had to go on the stack in a very specific order.