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Oct 18, 2021
Upstate New York
LS MT352 w/power shuttle + cab
New here and new tractor owner.

Finally found a decent tractor. Bought a LS MT352 with shuttle and cab with 20hrs on it. All the dealers anywhere near me didn't have any cab tractors. We live in Upstate NY finger lakes with a long driveway (asphalt) complete with speed bumps ffs. Gotta dig them off.

Anyway we have about 17 acres in field and the rest are wooded with groomed trails and brush in a large field that was let go for 10plus years. Going to be clearing out the brush and hopefully get a nice field to work on after clearing/burning this winter if the snows aren't too bad. (wish me luck).

Getting used to using the rotary cutter but its the rainy season now so no tractoring until the water is gone. It's a mud hole in a few low areas. Got to try out the 4wd and dig up some sod a little bit. Fun times... sorta at least I got the tractor properly muddy.

Now looking for a snow pusher. Probably go purchase 1 today local.

New to tractors other than a large zero turn. Now learning how to do turns with a cutter on. This tractor has 2 brake pedals so I can do a pretty sharp turn. Should I lift the implement before turning? Also lernt how to set implement height with stopper inside the cab on the position control.

This tractor is fully loaded with all the options except no mid PTO.

Draft control on the loader and the rear 3pt hitch. I have no i-deer what I'm doing but gonna learnt how once the snows start. Been brush cutting and will hook up the tiller and till our large veggie garden once everything is harvested. Still have some potatoes and a bit more beets to go but almost done for the year. Already planted the fall cover crops next till the remainder and plant some more cover crops.
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and enjoy the forum!

Have fun with your new LS!
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I am still deciding, but was literally just out on the LS site looking at the 352. Comparing it with the 345e. I don't want a cab, but do want the gear shift.

The brochure says the 352 has a cat 2 - hitch, but has about 150lbs less capacity than the 345? The 345 also has 3.1g more fuel tank capacity. Other than that, the 352 seems like it is a much better machine...oh, and about $5000 more from what I can tell. It is still about $9k less than the equivalent Kubota.

I am jealous of your tractor, but not the coming snow. Enjoy!!
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Awesome! Congrats!!

Draft control can be confusing, but fiddle with it and you'll figure it out.
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There is an old film on utube
It is an old Massey Ferguson film and explains the draft control on the tractor the best I have seen.
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I love those old videos! And your correct about it being explained very well!
Makes me want an older MF 35! 😂
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I like the part where the farmer jumps off the tractor while the tractor is still tilling... lol I think my dash would lite up like a X-mas tree and my ears would be ringing from all the beeping beeps.

Still figuring out the draft/position controls. Tilled our big garden patch the other day.

Took me an hour in low gear compared to 7hrs with the walk behind. AC is niiice no dust either. Of course its been raining for a week got 4" last weekend and working on another 4" again this weekend. Genesee River highest its ever been and its still raining.

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Congrats! Pics. We need pics.

Who puts speedbumps on a private driveway?
Thanks good question. My neighbor was plowing with a 90hp Kubota with a snow pusher last winter. He mentioned we should make day and peel the speed bump up.

Didn't really think much of it until I took the tractor for a test drive down the driveway and at almost full speed I hit the bump and wow... bounced me up and the whole tractor was rocking.

Since he's a neighbor and the driveway slopes down toward the road - he's gotta get some full steam coming up the drive for the first pass. So he hits it pretty good. I have the luxury (or not) first pass I'll be heading down hill.