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Jul 18, 2016
Fort Dodge, Iowa
PT 425
My son and I left last Tuesday morning for Tazewell (we live in central Iowa).... took our time getting there and picked up a 18' car trailer in Coeburn, Va (not too far from Tazewell) on Wed., and spent Wed. night in Tazewell and loaded up first thing on Thrus.
morning. The picture shows the PT-1430 and PT-425 that I played around with before loading. I haven't ever played with equipment any bigger than a riding mower so it was a little intimidating for me and after just a few minutes on the 1430, realized that with all of the trees and close quarters I will be confined to, that with its power and slightly bigger size, was a little out of my league. Heck, I think I am going to need training wheels on the 425 :).
I ended up getting brush cutter, mini hoe w/thumb, auger w/9" & 24", lg bucket, sm bucket w/teeth, tiller, forks, lifting pole ?, and extra plate.
We loaded everything in the back of the pickup except for the tiller and big bucket. About 8 hrs into our 18 hr ride home (lots slower with the trailer) both main 1.5" straps on the PT cut in half from rubbing and luckily, our 1" reserve straps held. I am definitely going to figure out a better way to secure it to the flatbed.
I am terrible at driving it and can easily see that it is going to take me some real practice to master it......Also quite confused with some of the attachments. I have never been around hydraulics before. I am starting a list of questions so am sure I will be giving the guys a call soon. Wish me luck.
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I loved the topography around Tazewell. I had never been to western Virginia before.
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The straps are okay, but you can get wider ones. What you need to do is get some old firehose and cut it into smaller lengths to serve as anti-chafe over your straps. It would take a good long while for anything to rub through that hose.
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Good point... the most I will ever be driving it is 10 miles maybe and if it took over 8 hours of rubbing against some sharp corners to break, I am sure the 1.5" straps would hold up fine for 10 minutes. Like your idea of the attaching fire hose or something else to keep the straps from cutting.

Want to go plant some fruit trees I bought on sale several weeks back, this evening maybe. Going to use the 24" auger. I am assuming that I have to turn the PTO switch on for using it.... then set it into place, then use the auxiliary PTO to make it spin and use the joystick to gradually reduce the height? Not sure what I am going to mix in with the dirt I take out.

In the past, I just snapped a string line, measured the distance between trees, made an X with some spray paint, dug the holes by hand and then hand mixed in some sphagnum moss and bagged top soil in with the remaining dirt to fill back the hole and make my concave bowl surrounding the base of the tree.
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Congratulations on the new machine. Did you get the Kohler or Subaru engine in it?
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Subaru 25 hp . Engine seems like it has a lot of power and I liked that it had gas shut off. I wish they still had the Kohler.
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I am assuming that I have to turn the PTO switch on for using it.... then set it into place, then use the auxiliary PTO to make it spin and use the joystick to gradually reduce the height?

Auxiliary is only used for latching and unlatching the quick attach plate on the PTO. It plugs into the main PTO for power. Keep it oriented vertically by going left-right-forward-back, and push down on the loader arms to push it in the soil. Keep your finger on the PTO switch, because when it hits a rock, it will stall in a hurry, and stop your engine dead... which probably isn't the best for everything.
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They (Tazewell) told me that you have to pump the auxiliary a few times before using it with the mini hoe so it must be the exception. I was a little overwhelmed with a massive amount of information so there will certainly be a learning curve in understanding engine speed, hydraulics, eye/hand coordination, etc.
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The auxiliary is used for extending and retracting the cylinder on the mini hoe. You have to disconnect it from controlling the quick attach plate clamps and then attach it to the cylinder lines for the attachment.

I think what they were referring to when they said "pump a few times" was that there would be air in the lines for a new attachment until you cycle the cylinders a few times.

High Flow = PTO = mowers, stump grinders, post diggers, etc
Low Flow = auxiliary PTO = grapple bucket, mini hoe, etc

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Thanks for the info guys.....i am anxious to start the long and arduous task of learning and mastering my new machine.