Offers I can't refuse?

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An "offer" is just a lure. No commitment to buy.

We get them erratically. I think most are probably just scammers trying for identity theft.


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I have 2 identical 20 acre parcels and it's always the east one they offer on even though the line almost goes through the old cabin. I used to look them up on google maps and leave bad reviews. I was watching one of these YT channels where they are building their own home and they mentioned this internet land website. I suspect the info gets sold to them and then the wannabe land buyers subscribe to that service.
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I get them as well. But mine are probably 4 times what I paid for the place but maybe 1/2 what it's worth. Some of the ones I get are legit offers. I've looked them up and they are in the business.
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Starting to get those offers on our pickup and Buick now. 🙄
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So, let me swap this around on yall for a second. I have 2 acres, and left and right of me, are 2 acre undeveloped lots, not currently for sale, as well as 3 ea 5 acre lots behind me. If I wanted to reach out to the owners (all out of state, S Fla, New England, ect), what would be the best way to get ahold of them, and actually make a real offer. Ad I've told the wife; I guarantee every year, during tax time, somewhere in New York or wherever, that property tax is a fight between a husband and wife. "You never even seen that property, why are we paying $500 in taxes, you should sell it"
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Today in the mail I got not 1, but 2 cash offers to buy my property. I'm so lucky.

One offered me 55% of what we paid for the land 2 years ago. The other offered 73%. The house that I will likely finally move into this week cost 3x the land price.

I think I'm going to pass on their 'generous' offer.

Any other absurd offers out there?
Reverse mortgage it to me at 50% of appraised value to ensure your loved ones future financial security. 😏
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Starting to get those offers on our pickup and Buick now. 🙄
We buy all cars regardless of condition, 155% trade-in value.

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Offering to buy the neighbor's property is different because you aren't going through the list of every landowner in the state soliciting them to sell their property for some ridiculous price. What these land sales people are doing is blanket marketing hoping to find a sucker like an elderly person who has lost touch with what land actually sells for.