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Mar 10, 2002
Central Ohio
I'm going to look at Kelley Backhoe that has been stored 10+ years. The owner said it fits a Cat 0 or a Cat 1 tractor. It only has a 3"sq boom. No hydraulic tank or pump, just fed from the tractor hydraulics. I would assume it would be a B15 model. Anyone know what I'm going to look at?
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May 7, 2007
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I don't know anything about the model you're asking about, but I have had a Kelley model 55 3 pt hoe for about 15 years. It was made in the mid 70's, I believe, and has about a 14' reach. I have used it to clear about 15-20 acres of brush. No problems with it mechanically at all, other than a couple of broken pins and the usual hose rupture. I run it from the tractor hydraulics as well, but it's on a 3414 IH industrial loader tractor with about 20 GPM flow, which is way more than it needs.( Things happen very fast with that flow). Very well built machine, in my opinion. I would buy a smaller one for my 2740 Montana also, if I could find one...Dan.