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Sites I have seen before will reject uploads if they are too large. Some resize to fit their requirements. I confess I do not know specifically what TBN does. The jpeg files are inherently already compressed to some degree and in cursory browsing NONE of mine exceed 10MB so I have never experienced that issue with TBN.

Regardless of that side issue, TCP2020's problem and upload rejection was not size, it was oddball file name extensions which TBN does not handle.
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IMO, for typical viewing images do not need to be more than 100KB...not 10,000 (10mb)...
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It's not the size, it's the weight. It's all about file size (weight). An image that is 1024 x 768 will fill the screen for easy viewing, but can weigh less than a 640 x 480. I shoot for 100Kb or less.

Diggin It, you are into new terminology. File size is size.... The "size" of any computer file (be it an image, this text I am typing, or whatever) is measured in bytes. That's 8 bits per byte. Image files are mostly one byte per pixel and thus a 640x480 pixel image will occupy about 0.3MB of storage space, uncompressed. Almost all images being handled by non-pro-photographers have been jpeg compressed using industry standard compression algorithms. Essentially all cameras have the jpeg compression built in. A fairly high end digital camera (or an iPhone 11) gathers about 12 to 14 megapixels per image raw, and then compressed (compressed is all you ever work with) ends up around 4MB, far short of any 10MB limitation. By far the most common jpeg images run under 5MB each in jpeg compressed format.

I have been working with digital computers of many generations since the late 1960's and digital cameras and pictures for more than 20 years now. I have never heard of "file weight."

File size is expressed in megabytes (MB.) Where did you get "weight?" Did someone decide to express compressed size as "weight" contrasted to the raw image size (which is just the product of the x and y pixel count) ? I am honestly interested in the origin of that term.
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Why wasn't I notified that photo posting is now working again, oh got it, it was just my computer..........