Pressure Washer Recommendations?

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I've got 2. A 5hp 2000psi Honda gc engine. Use it on most things. Then there's the northern tool 4000psi 13hp honda beast. The 4000psi only gets used if I have a lot of surface cleaning. Its fast and strong and will wear you out. I do reccomend spending a little extra and you get a belt drive unit. They are gear reduced pumps that spin at 1800rpms and last a long time. Both my washers have cat pumps and I've had them many years
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If you cleaning flat ground surfaces get a surface cleaner. They cut your time down 75%
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You couldn't GIVE me a gas powered washer. I have a quiet commercial electric unit for maybe twenty five years already with Triplex CAT pump, LEESON Motor, bought used for $200.00!. No gas issues either.

Me too!!!! Gas sucks for several reasons, learned the hard way.
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Said how much I love my commercial electric pressure washer. Now it's stalling and blowing the breaker. We have very hard water and I suspect the relief valve is sticking. It only gets any love when it gives trouble.