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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Is there a way to add counter weight to the back of the 422 so that I can pick up more weight with the forks and not have the back wheels lifted off the ground. I couldn't lift a pallet with 600 pounds off the ground more than a couple inches with out the back end lifting off the ground.

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A few ways:
1. Fill the rear tires with liquid
2. Wheel weights on the rear tire
3. Custom weights fashioned to fit over the rear tow hitch, or weight box attached to back (like Bob did below):

As you probably know, "PT pucker" will get you when you are near carrying capacity, and articulate just a small amount, reducing the leverage of the engine compartment, and causing you to nose over and drop your load... :eek:
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Thanks for the tips.

Yeah, I got puckered yesterday.

Probably try the liquid in the tires and the wheel weights if I can find some.

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This is just a discussion point and not at all trying to tell any of you not to do this, as I am just as guilty as anyone else of abusing my machine, so here goes....

Adding weight to the rear will indeed increase the lifting capacity of the 400 series tractor.
It will also greatly increase stress on the center joints between the front and rear sections of the tractor.
It will also greatly increase the stress on the front wheel motor shafts.
And it will also greatly increase the stress on a whole lot of other points on the tractor.

So, modifier beware. Your mileage may vary. I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night, but I am a brain surgeon, ah, err, I mean I'm not a brain surgeon, but I did sleep in a water bed last night.
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Thanks for the tips.

Yeah, I got puckered yesterday.

Probably try the liquid in the tires and the wheel weights if I can find some.


The farther back you put the weight, the less weight you will need. The rear tires might take about 4 gallons of fluid @ 8 pounds per gallon to equal 64 pounds of weight between the two rear tires (not that much weight). If you located 64 pounds of weight another foot back, say on the rear hitch, it would make a huge difference in leverage with the front tires being the fulcrum of your PT teeter-totter.

Also, finding and adding wheel weights to our PT400 rims will be a task.

You could make a simple bracket for your rear hitch and add standard tractor weights, which can be found at tractor junk yards readily. They are easy to add/remove, compact in size and heavy.

Or, you could go to a Salvation Army, garage sale, craig's list and find all the weights you need from used excersice equipment very cheap. Just make a TEE out of square tubing with two pieces of 18" length. Drill a hole at the tee to fit your hitch pin and weld some gussets in the 90s of the tee on each side for support. Weld a 1" round barbell bar section about a foot long straight up on the end of the tee. Slip on 3-4 25# weights and drill another hole cross-through the near the top of the 1" round bar to put in a linchpin to keep the weights from hopping off the 1" bar. Pretty easy welding project and cheap, too. :thumbsup:
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The two inch receiver has a lot of other uses. There are simpler versions than mine.