pt1430 wont go forward or backward basically stuck in front yard

   / pt1430 wont go forward or backward basically stuck in front yard
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giving another update, shortly after getting everything back together, and driving it around and trying to move mulch and other stuff around the property,it seemed like it was struggling to go up even a very slight incline. i called terry and he suggested checking the pressures off of the tram pump. so headed down to the hydraulic store and picked up three 1/4 inch jic to npt adapters and 3 guages 2 5000 psi and 1 1000 psi guage. he had me remove the hoses to the wheel motors and cap them. then remove the 1/4 hoses from the top and bottom of the tram pump attach the 5000 psi guages to the top and bottom (sorry notthe best picture and attach the 1000 psi guage below the red marked 1/4 inch hose. he had me check the pressures and the pressure on the 1k guage was around 250. he had me adjust the allen nut till i increasespressue to 350 psi. the 5k guages read about 4k psi and he said they were good. reattached all the hoses and took her for another test drive and same thing hard to go up a slight incline like our paved driveway. called him up again and he had me jack the tractor up so all the wheels were off the ground and the front left spun basically with one finger while the other 3 all had some resistance. he said that front left moter is bad again. so took it off and installed my spare wheel motor and used the tractor over the weekend and so far working like it should. i sent the bad motor back down to PT last friday so should hear back from PT hopefully sometime this week about the repair. i learned alot about this pt since march when all of this started. hopefully i dont have to go thru something like this and the big expense it was for a few more years. i'm still waiting for the tank magnets and hopefully will get them in another couple of weeks. hope this helps prevent someone else going thru something like this. thanks for everyones help and suggestions going thru this


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