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Apr 17, 2018
wentzville mo
mahindra 2538 mahindra 2810 cub cadet 7260 massey 255
My mahindra 2538 pto seal has a slight leak, I have the new seal and am wondering if i should use some type of gasket sealer on the gasket or not
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I usually put a little oil or grease but mainly use whatever fluid it it restraining on the lip when installing seals.
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I only grease both sides of gasket, and inside of seal.
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Usually they don't leak unless the fluid in the gearbox is too high. It needs to be below the seal lip, or if the outboard bearing has excessive radial play.
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the hyd fluid sightglass is higher than the pto seal , so i assume the fluid is also so not sure what you mean by fluid being to high ?
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The sightglass is even with the top of the pto shaft The level fluid line is just above the shaft , So the lower 2/3 of the seal has fluid on it,
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I usually go by how the original gasket was installed. If it had some form of sealant I use some on the replacement. If not install it without.