PTO snowblower?

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Farm King blower - first use.

30 feet in and one shaft collar was laying in the driveway... Other one was finger tight. Otherwise, working okay. Still need the bucket to dig into the edges. Definitely have some learning to do. Twisting around can be an issue. 4 stars.


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Three years ago, I spent $450 to add a hydraulic deflector & chute rotator to my blower. I haven't had to use it since.

Best insurance I ever bought!
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We'll see about the forecast. 55 for today, then the usual spring rollercoaster ride.
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One hr blowing a path down the drive to the highway so we could take the grandkids back home. Two more hrs this aft making the road decent and blowing to the pump house. Have I said that I love my cab?? -20c with a moderate wind.