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Jul 6, 2021
Yanmar YM1500 & YM2000D
Hi all.
Been lurking for a while but finally signed up to start getting my feelers out for some snow removal equipment.
The quick specs. Roughly 3/8 mile driveway, slight down hill grade into the property, lots of parking spaces/turn arounds to keep after. Choice of a Yanmar 1500 19hp, or a Yanmar 2000D 4x 24hp, obviously the bigger tractor is the choice.
This is a vacation property so we wont be there all the time, that means possibly over a foot per visit of sitting snow.
The Woodmaxx 48” or 60” are my top picks as they look like real nice units.
My only real concern is looking back for over 6/8 of a mile (two passes), anyone using big mirrors to save the neck on those long straight stretches?

I also have a 5’ blade, whats a realistic depth of snow a guy could knock off the road with one of these?

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For 25 years I used a PTO driven blower to clear the berms on my mile long gravel driveway. I had a 26hp Ford 1700 4WD. I could easily clear a foot of fresh snow with the rear blade. As the winter went on and I cleared the driveway with the rear blade - the driven path would get narrower and narrower. That's what the blower was used for. Blow those nasty berms.

Man - did that ever get old. Three plus hours with the blower to clear the berms - the mailbox area and the buildups in and around the yard.

Trying to use mirrors never work for me.

If you can go fast enough - 4 to 5 mph - the rear blade might do the job just fine. You have to be able to curl the snow enough to get it off the driven path. Then you have to have the weight to clear the berms that will form. My Ford 1700 had the power - it just didn't have the weight to maintain a straight path as I attacked the berms.

So I upgraded to a brand new Kubota M6040 in 2009. The berms are no longer a problem. With my HD grapple - Rim Guard in the rear tires - HD rear blade - the tractor weighs 10,100#.

Welcome to TBN and the forum. Upgrade your profile with your location. Helps with more specific responses.

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There is another consideration. Using a rear blade. When you angle a rear blade to plow snow - you loose effective width. A five foot blade - angled - may only clear a four foot or less path.

The rear blade on my Ford was 84". It would clear a ~ 70" path when angled. The blade on my Kubota is 96" - it clears a ~ 78" path.

Both of my rear blades would angle, offset and tilt. Offset and angle are nice. They allow snow to be bladed off the driven surface and you don't have the tractor right on the bloody edge of the driveway.
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I have yet to use my rear snowblower but I'm told you dont need to lower the blower to the ground to remove snow. So in theory you may beable to drive on 12in of snow and blow any thing over 12in. Then make a second pass down lower. At that point I would just take half pass cuts.

I have used a rear and front blade on a 4x4 tractor and it leaves alot to be desired. Also a rear blade is about 12in tall. So I wouldnt expect it to plow even 8in of snow very well.

If it's a vacation home why not pay someone to plow for the big storms?
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The weight of my tractors is definitely a concern with using a blade, my tractors are SMALL. That's probably gonna be a try and see kinda deal, I dont hold much hope.

I'll update my location.....just as soon as I figure that out :unsure: Twisp Wa. BTW.

Nyone. I am hoping to be in contact with at least one plow man here soon. That would get the road handled, but I'll still have all my little paths etc to keep after. Doesn't help I'm cheap, and I like snow blowing. o_O
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Turn around in seat and blow snow. Done it for years. No different than turning around and watching anything else you are hitched to.
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A smaller machine has many advantages getting around a property. I have the pictured T1030 & also a T1530. The smaller unit is the preferred snow tool.


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WoW!! Twisp - Chainsaw. I was raised in Omak. Twisp, the Methow valley, Winthrop were some of my best stomping grounds. And, Yes - you can get some REAL snow up there in the Methow valley.

BTW - don't knock a smaller tractor. Smaller tractor = smaller bites.

When I had the Ford 1700 4WD - I had a 5 foot blower - called the Blue machine.

Get everything set up and off I'd go in reverse. My driveway runs right down a section line - straight as an arrow. I'd be going in reverse - knees on the seat - right hand reaching back to the steering wheel. Looking straight down the driveway. It worked well because my driveway was straight and almost totally level.

I never went really fast - probably 2 to 3 mph. It IS a PITA if you have to look back over your shoulder. That's the way I had to do it - clearing the mailbox and my yard.

If you should be so lucky to get deep snow. Plow in two passes. Take half the depth in the first pass. Down to the ground in the second pass. A good rear blade is a wondrous snow mover.
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Yes Sir! We are a good ways up the Twisp river valley. When we bought the place I asked my neighbor who's been there 40 years how the winters are. He promptly told me that the locals call that valley "the Icebox"🥶. According to him, and I have since confirmed, four feet on the ground is kind of the norm. We did get alot of ice this year for some reason. And lucky you! That is such a beautiful area.

I may have a new plan that just surfaced. My friend is going to give me his old lawn tractor snow blower. Its and MTD 4*" wide unit. Seems on the heavier duty side as far as mower blowers go, not as burley as say that woodmaxx but.. I think I'm going to mount it on the front of G.G., the little tractor and do a belly shaft to drive it. Ill need chains, definitely some rear weight, maybe some front weight, but I think this is gonna work.
I wonder if I can find 4x12 tire chains or if Ill have to makes those custom :unsure:
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If you have a Les Schwab tire dealership in Okanogan or Omak they may be able to get something for you.