quick attach for a bx2360 question

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Apr 30, 2011
Jackson, NY
Kubota L2501
Looking to convert a Kubota BX2360 to skid steer quick attach. I have searched but not sure what terms to use?
The loader has 3 cylinders instead of 4.
Thank you
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You need a QT frame with the middle mount curl cylinder attachment point. Search is your friend. Bx25 ssqa

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1st go talk to your dealer if you have not. They may have a source for a SSQA for your tractor.

If the above does not meet your needs, every kit I have seen, recommends a cross piece for bracing. Do not cut corners on this cross bracing member, there are lots of photos where folks did just this and the cross member twist making the SSQA unusable until repaired. These kits require brackets to be installed typically removed from the bucket as it will have a SSQA plate mounted on it. Mount your centered bracket to the cross member. You need to have mounted the cross member in the correct location to install this bracket, either one you build or the one removed from the bracket.