kubota bx2360

  1. C

    BX2360 engine oil type

    Any oil experts on here? I finally ran out of my stock of engine oil that I’ve been using. I went to buy new oil and all the oil around here is CK-4. Since all the fuel I can buy around here is the low sulfur type, can I use the CK? The manual says only up to CG-4. And yea, I’ve also only...
  2. C

    2013 Kubota BX2360 for sale - loaded with bagger and loader

    Fairbury IL $13,875 Serial #: 66033 - Industrial Tires - Diesel with grill guard - 3Pt - 540 PTO - 60" Mid-Mount Deck - LA243 Loader with snow and hay edge - 3 Bag Collection System Drive: MFWD HP: 23 Hours: 1460 Loader: Yes Transmission: Hydro Retiring hobby farm - other attachments for sale...
  3. C

    Transmission swap BX2360 to BX2670 - will it work?

    Anyone know for sure if the transmission out of a BX2360 can / cannot be swapped into a BX2670? Will it fit and bolt right up without modification? It appears looking at Messicks that there are two housing versions for the BX2360, one of them matches part numbers to the housing for the BX2670...
  4. L

    BX2360 front mount snow blower

    Hello all , new member , new owner of a BX2360. I am looking to get a front mount snowblower for this unit, been looking but do not know which model blower and quick mount to get that fits this tractor. any and all help would be appreciated !
  5. T

    Is there already wiring “hidden” on a BX2360 for aux lights?

    Going to start using my BX for snow removal at my house and want to add some forward and rear facing lights to the rops and was wondering if there is already wiring back there or if I need to add it or use the wiring from the rear maker lights? There is a constant 12 volt wire taped to the...
  6. D

    quick attach for a bx2360 question

    Looking to convert a Kubota BX2360 to skid steer quick attach. I have searched but not sure what terms to use? The loader has 3 cylinders instead of 4. Thank you
  7. B

    BX2360 with RCK60B23BX mower deck belt

    BX2360 with around 475 hours. Original mower deck belt broke. Picked one up from the local dealer, as a replacement. While replacing it I decided to check the gearbox oil and it was empty. The threads on the sight hole for checking the gearbox oil level were stripped. I tapped the M8 to 3/8 and...
  8. P

    Plastic in Hyrdraulic Reservoir - BX2360

    So just changed all the fluids/fluids in the BX last week and went out to the shop this morning to get ready to do some spraying. Checked the hydraulic fluid at the the back of the tractor and noticed it was a bit low. No big deal, figured that I would top it off and be on my way spraying before...
  9. V1BuzzBomb

    Recently New Owner of BX2360

    Purchased June 1 2020, took delivery about one week later from MB Tractor in Conway NH. 2011 BX2360 Loader and Bucket (didn't necessarily need or want but it came with it) 54" Deck Snow Blower Power Angle Plow. (didn't necessarily need or want but it came with it) Based on hazard light placement...
  10. J

    Mowing  newbie bx2360 owner unable to lower mower deck

    good morning all. I've just received a used bx2360 as part of a home purchase. Tractor runs well as I've mowed a field at the back of my property with no issues. I've read the manual regarding raising & lowering the mover deck, but am unable to turn the hydraulic control dial. Even tried using...
  11. C

    BX2360 - Broken HST Fan - Thinking about putting a rigid coupling on the shaft

    So have a BX2360 here. Broken HST Fan which is not that unusual. I drilled a 1.5" hole above the fan to easily access the bolt that hold the rear coupling on the tranny side. That allowed me to remove the bolt in under 5 minutes easy as pie. I installed a metal cover which friction fits the...
  12. S

    BX2360 won't shut off-not fuel stop selenoid

    While mowing the unit acts like running out of fuel and shuts off. Re-start and is fine balance of the mow time. When go to shut off continues to run. After checking several things I have found it is blowing the 10amp fuse. Replaced fuse and done the same thing last night. This time several...
  13. R

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota BX2360 choking up in the cold

    It seems like it is freezing up which it has done before. The dealer has had it several times and blamed the fuel freezing up. Took off the tank blew out the lines replaced the filters and fuel pump and put in new fuel. Worked for a few hours a day or so ago but temperature today was below zero...
  14. Rfisher7381

    3-Point Hitch  BX2360 2011

    Is there a way to set PTO height? I am using a rotary cutter 4 ft, and would like to reproducibly have the PTO return to the same height. Really just a PTO stop. I have the mmm PTO set to top. Thanks
  15. L

    Kubota BX2360 keeps blowing ACC fuse

    My 5 year old Kubota now keeps blowing the ACC fuse as soon as the ignition switch is engaged. When that happens the gauges don't work nor the lights nor the hour/rpm meter. I have looked for obvious shorts or pinched wires and can't find any. Checked the battery connections also. Any suggestions?
  16. B

    BX2360 losing power after about 30 minutes mowing

    My Kubota 2360 has been doing this sense day one. I mow for about half hour to forty five minutes and then the rpms start to drop. I mow in low gear at 3000 rpms as directed. All greasing is done as required, all oil changes, filter changes. The weird thing is. I was mowing this morning and sure...
  17. P

    BX2360 And A 72" Rear Finish Mower

    Good Morning! A little background..... we own 11 acres, roughly 3.5 of which are mowable yard. For the last several years I have been able to handle the mowing wonderfully with the 60" MMM on our BX 2360. My difficulty is that I also assist my aging neighbor with maintaining the common areas...
  18. mccash40

    Changing the oil filter on my BX2360

    This will be my third oil change and I need suggestions. The first 2 changes went great. I purchased one of those ratchet filter removers and it worked fine. Today when I went to remove the filter, the remover just slipped around the filter. I went to the auto parts store and bought a ring...
  19. C

    BX2360 Bucket Curl Noise

    First off - let me say I currently own a BX24 and am used to how that runs / sounds and am using that as a comparison. I have also driven / used large tractors in a farm setting for field work etc. I looked at buying a used BX2360 today. Unit has 125 hours on it. Broken HST fan wasn't too...
  20. M

    BX2360 hst fan

    New to the forum, I too have experienced a fan destruction, but in my case it was from debris sucked up under the seat to a point that it took out the blades. I bought a new fan, started to replace it, and soon learned I was over my head. The dealer was great and never replaced a fan on a BX so...
  21. D

    Just bought a used BX2360, have a few wiring and heat questions

    Hello, I'm new to this forum!. My father bought a 2009 Kubota BX2360 about 6 months ago and I am getting it ready for spring. The front axle seals are leaking so I'm going to replace those and change the usual fluids and such. I noticed a green wire was disconnected on the side of the mower and...
  22. PSDStu

    New BX2370 or keep my BX2360

    I have owned my BX2360 for about 4 years and I went by the dealership last week and looked at the BX2370's. I really like the way BX2370 seat is and the way the steering wheel seems to have been "repositioned" in that I don't feel like I am bending over to operate the 2370 like I do with the...
  23. N

    Mowing  BX2360 Mower question

    Greetings, all. I inherited a fairly new BX2360 and 60" MMM from my uncle. I have a problem with the mower that I can't seem to fix. The mower is not suspended but is running on the wheels. On the mower height of 4, it is cutting at more like 2 1/2. I have checked and adjusted everything as...
  24. J

    Replacement bolt for turnbuckle Kubota BX2360

    Does anyone know where I can find the replacement bolt for the turnbuckle system on my Kubota BX2360. I've bent one. Thanks!
  25. L

    Kubota BX2360 Transmission Fan

    Just noticed that 3 of the 10 blades on my transmission fan have broken off. How serious an issue is this? I know this repair will be expensive. Everything seems to running fine.
  26. M

    Kubota BX2360 Bagger model ?

    I just picked up a BX2360 off Craigslist and am in need of a bagger for it. I found 2 used ones on Craigslist that are the GCK60-23BX. This is the correct model, right? One of the guys that has it for sale had it on a bx1850 w/ a 54" deck, the other on a 2320 and I'm not sure of the deck size...
  27. D

    Snowblower  Snow Blower attachment for Kubato BX2360

    I have been trying to figure out what the best snow blower attachment would be for a Kubato BX2360. From what I have found, it can handle the following snow blower attachments: BX2750A BX2750C/D BX2755HD The top two are 50" wide and the other is a 55" wide. Other than that, what is the...
  28. L

    BX2360 rear hydraulics which lever controls which coupling

    just to ask which lever controls which outlet on the rear hyds? to save spraying on the floor to find out....thx
  29. D

    Rear Blade  Will King Kutter 60" rear blade fit my BX2360?

    I went to buy a 60" rear blade for my BX2360 at Family Farm and Home. They told me that it wouldn't fit my Kubota. I can't imagine why, but does someone have experience with this that can help me out. They have a smaller blade called the XB series that is more expensive, and orange, which...
  30. N

    BX2360 front snowblower - how to keep it from digging in?

    I have for a couple of years had a front snowblower for my bx2360. In the past my driveway was paved and even with the little spacers set to their highest setting it would scrape the pavement bare when I used it. Now I have a gravel driveway, and it slopes up quite a bit about 15 feet from the...
  31. M

    Need pricing help on a 2011 BX2360. Thanks

    Im looking at a local for sale by owner its a 2011 bx2360 with FEL and 60" mower/ What is the value of this tractor? It has 55 hours on it and in like new condition. Thanks in advance
  32. bp fick

    Snow Plow on my loader arms? BX2360

    Priced a BX2763 60" front blade and 2751 QuickHitch. Yeeeeow!! $2500. So, what do you all recommend? A blade that replaces the bucket? Talk me through this. You need to knock out the bucket pins? How difficult is that? Do the various plow attachment merely pin on, or do some have a...
  33. H

    BX2360 MMM install

    Took the the mmm off today to install new blades. Figured it was time to change them after almost 3 years of use. I've had the mmm off about 5 or 6 times for various reasons and decided to time myself today on the re-install. 3 minutes for complete hook-up. Not a bad time for someone with 2...
  34. snpower

    BX2360 Hastings/Baldwin Filter Sticker Shock

    Went to Fisher/Federated this AM to grab Rotella T6 and a B7285 oil filter. I guess Baldwin bought Hastings ? Well, they are certainly proud of this filter: it was just under $21.00. Seems excessive. I might have to go grab a Kubota oil filter or another brand. I like Fisher - they are...
  35. snpower

    Loader Hydraulic Cylinders Frozen: BX2360

    Hey Hey if there is an award for most issues in 48 hours I'm the winner. I took off my loader in a bit of a hurry yesterday when I decided to take my 2360 in to the dealer to have the deck leveled. I'm trying to re-attach the loader and I can't get the white or yellow lines on. Usually...
  36. snpower

    200 hour service: BX2360

    I'm at 212 hours; ye olde handbook says I need to change the Transmission Oil Filter. Do I really ? I did the coolant change @ 2 years and the stuff looked new. I know there's a thread around here about not losing a bunch of fluid...
  37. snpower

    The Dealer Strikes Again: BX2360 Mower Deck Adjustment

    Uggghhhh !!!! :mad: I recently posted about my MMM not going into the TOP position; thanks to the tips on here I made the proper adjustment to make it work. My local dealer just opened up a ship five miles from my hours; I took my machine in today to have the mower deck leveled/checked for...
  38. snpower

    TOP Position: BX2360 Deck

    Should the deck still lower some when the height knob is set to TOP? I would be happier if it remained all the way up. This is where my 54" deck sits when I lower the 3pt hitch and the knob is set to TOP.
  39. H

    Comparison  Kubota Bx2360 or B2320 ?

    Hi everyone I am going to buy a tractor Monday. I am torn between the smaller Bx2360 or Compact 2320 What I have is 2 acres half flat and half somewhat sloped . I want to use it to plow a small area some trenching , clean up push snow. Lite lifting and general farm work. I have driven both and...
  40. snpower

    BX2360: Float for 3 point ??

    I was looking at another forum and came across a post from a few years back discussing how to make the 3 point on the BX tractors float. I've had mine since Nov. 2010 and didn't think this was a feature/possible? Can someone explain, correct, or enlighten me please? Here is the text from the...
  41. snpower

    BX2360: Adjustable Side Links

    Can anyone recommend a good set of adjustable side links? I spotted some at TSC the other day; it would be nice to be able to get some tile out of my rear blade and box blade.
  42. snpower

    BX2360 maxed out with 11" of snow in Central Virginia

    Bummer! Started this morning around 0900. Horrible traction with my turf tires so I put on my snow chains. Rear 5' blade, pushing in reverse - o.k. results. Worried about the pressure on the rear links. Big traction issues! Switched to my box blade for the weight... we shall see later on how...
  43. L

    added an ATV snow blade to my BX2360 bucket

    Well Saturday am I read about the Bxpanded blade install, So I thought I could rig up a similar deal with some used blade, So I found a decent one for $200 on our Kijiji, and started the Mk1 install. thus far it worked fine, needs power angle, if anyone has a suggestion,,,first try is to use a...
  44. L

    added an ATV snow blade to my BX2360 bucket

    double post
  45. J

    BX2360 Issues in Cold Weather

    I'm hoping somebody has some ideas where to start. For most of last winter I had issues with it running in the winter, even when the temperature wasn't overly cold (15 - 20 degrees even). We did have some cold days last year previous to when the problems started so I assumed the issue to be...
  46. B

    adding hydraulics to snowplow for bx2360

    I added this 8" stroke ram i had laying in the barn to my small woods snowplow for my bx. Got tired of getting off the tractor to unpin and change angles. Running the aux hydraulics from kubota...works great. I also added a rear receiver hitch so that i can move the wood splitter and firewood...
  47. S

    Tires  2013 wholegoods price list for kubota bx industrial tires, front and rear bx2360

    kubota gentry, can anybody hazard a guess as to the whole goods price for industrial tires/rims for my bx2360? thanks for your time and attention. robert a.
  48. S

    3-Point Hitch  So, Can i adjust the amount of drop / travel downward on my bx2360 rear hitch

    guys, am feeling very much like homer simpson . . . DOH! . . . . but here goes. rented a lesco aerator/plugger, put it on my rear 3 point hitch and wasn't able to get it low enough to really do a decent job aerating. my mower deck was still attached and am wondering if that was a mistake...
  49. B

    BX2360 new operator problem

    My tractor's mower will not raise and lower now. It is a couple of months old and I have been using it to mow my 5 acres without issue. A family member was showing us how to use the PTO in the rear of the tractor but had some difficulties. Eventually he had the rear pto moving but now I can...
  50. G

    BX2360 Grease Points?

    I just purchased a used bx2360, I haven't taken delivery of it yet but I was wondering if someone could give me a rundown on the zerk locations or point me to a source that covers them. Or is there only the one on the tractor itself? It seems like there are 3 on the MMM and the ones on the FEL...
  51. G

    How did I do? (Used BX2360)

    I just got a used BX2360 w/ 200hrs, 60" MMM, FEL, rear wheel weights and a new 3pt 4' box blade and new 5' 3pt rock rake for 13k including tax. I feel pretty happy w/ the deal so hopefully noone tells me I did horrible. Does anyone have any tips for running this model? Also this is my first...
  52. S

    BX2360 Throttle Slows While Mowing

    For just the past couple of weeks I've noticed that the throttle on my BX2360 will slow and I have to pull the handle back to WOT. Is there a mechanical linkage that I can adjust in the engine compartment that will fix this? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  53. P

    Mulching kit 70000-02505 for bx2360 does not fit mower deck rck60B-23bx

    I bought a kit from my local dealer and cannot get it to fit the deck. I am going nuts. They just closed and I must sweat this all weekend. I am hoping a member can straighten me out. The kit is heavy steel and does not line up with my deck. I have read about other members installing them and...
  54. gmikem206

    Buying Advice  BX2660 (2010, 267 hrs) or BX2360 (New with Warranty)

    I'm looking at these two machines. I think I could do a little better on the new BX2360 pricing, but the used BX2660 is value priced based on all of the other similar machines I've priced, mainly on Tractor House, but also at various brand dealers locally. Both machines have same FEL, and MMM...
  55. P

    A little BX2360 maintenance help please

    So at the moment I am feeling like a bit of a bad parent to our recently adopted BX2360. I've been using it for about 15hrs and with everything else going on in our lives I have yet to hit the zerks with a grease gun. My problem is that I am pretty much a noob with respect to maintaining...
  56. L

    My brand new corroded and rusted BX2360 pics

    Well here my ordeal with our new 2 week old tractor starts . I called Kubota Canada, was told to bring her in, dealer spend a bit of time with a wire wheel and some spray oil and said thats all we'll do.The frame is so soft you can scratch it with your nails even.the seat was stuck solid even...
  57. vrmnthntr

    (Another) New BX2360 with pics

    Finally received my BX2360 today. Missing my zero turn already. I had it since new and it treated me good. But out with the old. Looking forward to using this new tractor. Haven't driven it much but I can tell I will have to change my grass cutting habits and patterns compared to the other...
  58. vrmnthntr

    Buying Advice  BX1860 or BX2360

    I have been reading reviews and posts on this site for about a year. I have learned a lot from reading posts. I recently decided to look into a sub compact tractor. I already own a Kubota L3540 and RTV 900 so naturally I would look toward a Kubota scut. The dealer is also excellent and has a...
  59. C

    Buying Advice  BX2360 vs CS2410 for 60% mowing

    We're looking to buy a SCUT and we've decided on one of the orange brands, mostly because of reputation / performance but also because they have the best dealers in our area. We're moving in July to a property in central Illinois with 6-7 acres, about 1/2 of that is lawn. Part of that lawn is...
  60. P

    Good Moring New BX2360 Owner with Questions

    We just recently purchased a 5 acres plot of land. Of which about 3.5 acres have historically been leased for corn and soybean cultivation and the other 1.5 are maintained yard. Was trying to mow the yard yesterday and our Bolens finally gave up the ghost. Long story short the Kubota dealer is...
  61. B

    plowing some snow with the bx2360

    Here is my bx2360 getting it done in some fresh powder, hope you enjoy i love this tractor:
  62. H

    Loader  Bx2360 hydro valve kit question

    Hi all I'm new on here so I hope I'm doing all of this right. Here goes I bought a bx2360 new last spring and now I'm finally getting around to adding a few things to it. I just got a bx7326 and I'm putting it on as soon as it gets here, I'm looking at adding a loader valve (bx2324) for about...
  63. J

    New Member with BX2360 mower deck question

    I added a snow blade and need to lock mower deck in upper position when plowing snow. I have never had much luck with the knob adjustment and have not gotten much help from the user manual. Can anyone please explain the best way to lock it while plowing snow? Thanks for your help!
  64. snpower

    WTB: Cat 1 Ballast Box suitable for BX2360

    Looking to pick one up at an affordable price. I'm located in Central Virginia; don't mind driving a bit to get one OR paying freight charges if yours is shippable. Please contact me with info and a pic or two. Thank you! Stephen
  65. D

    Front-End Loader  weight of my ez landscaper attachment / toothbar on fel bx2360.

    guys, currently have a ratchet rake on my fel/2360 . . . but would like to replace it with a ez landscaper attachment toothbar that is sitting in my garage . . . awaiting work orders. the ez landscaper bar weighs in the 80 plus lbs. am wondering whether or not that is too much weight to to...
  66. W

    Looking at BX2360

    We are looking at a new 2012 BX2360 and it suits everything we need it for. But I am concerned about the hydraulic squeal that this unit has when at 75% and above throttle. It is load enough to be almost painful without hearing protection, and that just doesn't seem right. The service man at the...
  67. PAlittleKub

    BX2360 industrial tires on a BX1860?

    I just purchased a new BX1860 with turf tires because I didn't want the ag tires to shred my lawn but fear that the turf tires won't have enough traction when I am working on my lot to get it ready to plant grass or in the winter for plowing snow. I saw a BX1860 on youtube with the R4...
  68. snpower

    Loader  Problem reconnecting BX2360 to loader

    Ok. Bucket not quite level last time I dropped the loader. I got the ride side piston full extended and the left side not nearly so much. I can't disconnect the blue line due to pressure; how can I get both pistons back in sync? Pictures probably explain better.
  69. S

    Which attachment do i buy for land clearing (with slopes). have bx2360 & ratchetrake

    Which attachment do i buy for land clearing (with slopes). have bx2360 & ratchetrake hi guys, only have one final kubota finance payment remaining . . .so, i am eying up land pride and woods attachments. want to clear between 5k - 6k of overgrown brushey type area. . . . about 1/3 is a...
  70. 2

    3-Point Hitch  BX2360 3ph lift arm replacement

    The mmm extension of the LH 3ph lift arm cracked on my 09 bx2360. To make room to replace it, do I need to disassemble the frame and fuel tank etc that is in the way, or can I slide the hydraulic arm shaft over? Is this a big, or not so bad, job?
  71. W

    Comparison  used bx1850 vs new bx2360

    Hi everyone. I could really use some help. I have two acres of semi-wooded land in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. I just ran my Yardworks mower into the ground and I'm looking for an upgrade. I have a driveway that's about 6000 sq feet and there's a decent sized incline at the bottom of my...
  72. S

    Blower for BX2360

    I'm a second year BX owner. First year I cleared our diveway with a rear blade - twice (that's how many times it snowed in western NY). It worked pretty well but I'm thinking we might get a little more snow this year. The blade's ok but I'm aware that given a hard winter, I'll probably end up...
  73. S

    Snow Blower for BX2360

    I'm a second year BX owner. First year I cleared our diveway with a rear blade - twice (that's how many times it snowed in western NY). It worked pretty well but I'm thinking we might get a little more snow this year. The blade's ok but I'm aware that given a hard winter, I'll probably end up...
  74. M

    Considering selling Bx2360

    I am considering selling my tractor. I have a 2010 Bx2360 with LA243 front loader, 54 inch mmm fine cut deck with mulching kit and a 48 inch box blade from tractor supply. Tractor has 175 hours and is very clean. Nothing damaged and everything works as it should. I live in the western...
  75. C

    1st impression of new BX2360

    Holy Guacamole, Batman!!
  76. C

    Looking at a a BX2360

    I have a BX2200 that I bought in 2000 and I'm thinking about trading it in for a BX2360. I would appreciate hearing from owners about problems or things to look out for. Like on the BX2200, the crappy dashboard switches, the fuel gauge not working, going through 3 power-steering hoses in less...
  77. 9

    BX2360 Upgrades

    I am making a thread for some stuff I want to do to the BX. So far I got a grille guard of ebay and a Harbor Freight qh. One thing I always did not like about the bx was the hood rattled when you start or shut the tractor off. It was annoying and embarrassing. I got a set of furniture bumpers...
  78. snpower

    Pull behind sprayer for BX2360

    I've been volunteering my tractor for field maintenance on three little league fields around town. They'd like me to get a sprayer, for which I will be reimbursed, and manage weed control as well. I don't want a 3 point because if I sell the tractor they won't be able to use it. I'd like...
  79. B

    Spreader for Seed and Fertilizer - BX2360

    Anyone using a 3 pt hitch mount spreader? Most all of the pull-behind spreaders I see are of really poor quality,...and they appear to be difficult to control from the saddle. I am looking at an AGREX XA150, they appear to be of the best quality with a sealed gear box drive,...etc, but I am...
  80. F


    New here.... Will a B2775 72" Blade (Made for the B Series Kubota) fit on my BX2360? I hope to upgrade to a B Series in a few years and would rather spend the money on a B2775 which I can use later as well. It looks like the BX2763 60" Blade is made for my current tractor. Used, they seem to...
  81. C

    BX2360 transmission problem

    My BX2360 is right at 2 years old. The tractor has never been very strong in reverse I felt, and last month quit backing up altogether for a bit. Then it was Ok then out again. Forward power was real weak, the reverse pedal went all the way to the floor sometimes with no reverse motion, and...
  82. V

    New BX2360 delivered yesterday!

    After a couple months now of research and driving tractors I decided on a new BX2360 and it was delivered yesterday! It's a tank, I am very impressed so far! The dealership I bought from was awesome, and their delivery guy went over everything with me. It mowed like a champ and I've played...
  83. Brushhill dave

    Mowing  Bx2360

    Well I took delivery of my new bx2360 this morning, and all I can say is WOW! I am completely impressed!!dde03 I have a 60" MMM and Already put it through a torture test and it handled it like a champ!! It had cut my mowing time from 4 hrs to 1:10! So what are The must haves for this tractor??
  84. V

    BX2360 pricing and tiller questions

    Hello, I've been reading the forums now for a couple months, been out driving the SCUT's from John Deere and Kubota numerous times and have made my decision to go with the BX2360. I'm planning to make a purchase here soon and had a couple questions. I've been quoted $14,200 before tax for the...
  85. Brushhill dave

    Buying Advice  Bx2360 vs mf 2400??

    Anybody have an opinion?? Both come from the same dealer(FIL) roughly the same price. Anything about either of these 2 that really stand out
  86. 9

    toolbox and worklight for bx2360

    This is my second time trying to post. I was ready to hit the button to post and lost my electricity again so now I am on my phone. I have a bx2360 and I want to put a toolbox on it. Has anyone added one to theirs? Where does the dealer installed light go and is the wiring on the tractor?
  87. M

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota BX2360 shudders hard then conks out

    I've had it to the Kubota dealer 3 times. 1st-sand in tank, they cleaned the tank. 2nd - shuttered hard again, they came and got it free of charge and said it ran fine (The guy that picked it up was trying to pull it up on the truck, had a real hard time inching it up to the ramp so I pushed...
  88. AFChief

    BX2360 Dies when engaging PTO or go pedal

    Uhg! Halfway through the lawn and my BX2360 just dies. The engine is running fine when not under a load. Anytime I engage the PTO (mid, running the MMM) or try to move via the pedal, the engine bogs out. I checked the trans fluid and it's good. Moving the three point up and down doesn't...
  89. mccash40

    Chains  rear chains for my BX2360

    I have a couple of questions regarding chains. Tirechain.com sells the tighteners per pair. Do I need to buy 2 pair, 1 pair for each wheel? Also, the front tire chains are more expensive than the rear and are much smaller. They advertise heavy duty, vs medium duty, but they are definitely...
  90. W

    does the BX2360 hood fit on the BX2350

    Sorry, it seems like such an obvious question but I can't find a definite answer to it in prior threads. My inclination is no, because, if nothing else, Kubota would make it different merely to spite people and keep them from "upgrading" their apparent model # this way. But it ought to fit...
  91. Sheakleyville

    Oil & Fuel  BX2360 50hr transmission service

    Hello all, just an FYI. In the operators manual the 50hr service in reference to the transmission, tells you to change the transmission filter and clean the strainer. The manual doesn't call for a fluid change until you hit the 400hr mark. You can change the transmission filter with minimal...
  92. C

    BX2360 purchase recommendations

    I've looked at just about everything. Stopped at by Kubota dealer today. New BX2360 w/ 54" MMM & FEL with industrial tires - $14,500 before tax. Is that a good deal? Also wondering about tires. Need to climb some signifanct hills, but also mow the yard, so planning on going with the industrial...
  93. P

    Jd 1023e vs Kubota BX2360

    For the past 31 years I have had a Power King 1614 tractor with 48" deck and Woods grader blade. The gasohol is playing havoc with carb and decided to upgrade to the modern world. Have compared both the 1023e and bx2360 and appear to be two peas in a pod to this novice. Appreciate any help you...
  94. Sheakleyville

    Hello, I'm a new Kubota BX2360 owner

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on a front mounted snow blade. The Kubota dealer has Landpride Blades for about $2000. Just curious if anybody has any thoughts. I do currently have a rear mounted blade that worked pretty well this past winter, but looking behind you the...
  95. C

    Loader  Need help attaching FEL to BX2360 not on concrete

    I sure could use some help. I like the BX2360 over all but am totally frustrated with attaching the Kubota FEL and feel the connection brackets are poorly designed. I've managed to connect the FEL maybe 3x over the last couple years. Last night I got the right side pin in all the way and the...
  96. A


    I will be trading my b7500 for a bx2360 soon & want to know what I should expect? Lack of power? Traction? The b7500 is a gear tractor with AG tires & goes anywhere, has a loader. The bx2360 has industrial tires, loader & belly mower. I guess I am just nervous about getting rid of B7500, been...
  97. R

    Kubota BX2360 - John Deer 1023E Tractor Comparisons

    I am in the process of buying an acreage tractor and have narrowed the choice down to Kubota/John Deere. Does anyone have any experience with either one they would like to share. The attachments I,m looking at are a mower, a loader and a snow blower. Any advice/cautions would be appreciated...
  98. P

    Installing BX2660 Seat on BX2360?

    Has anyone done this? I can only afford a BX2360 but would like the BX2660 seat with recline feature! :thumbsup: Any feedback? Thanks! :D
  99. snpower

    Portable Ramp for BX2360

    I have a 6 x 12 trailer that I use on occasion to haul my BX around. It has one of those mesh gates on the back which makes it really tight in order to clear the 3 point hitch. I'm looking at aluminum tri-fold or two piece ramp(s); I'll just take the mesh gate off and store it. Anyone have a...
  100. S

    BX2360: Two Service Questions

    1.) How often do you guys change the oil after the initial 50 hr. service? 2.) I just changed both fuel filters at 102 hours. I noticed what appears to be another fuel filter plumbed into the fuel line just forward of the fuel filter underneath the tractor, except it's metal instead of plastic...
  101. N

    4 or 5 foot bush hog for bx2360

    anyone have any advice on what size would be better, 4 or 5 foot hog for the 23 hp kubota bx2360. I have about 3 aches to cut, but in a heavly wooded area and the ground is very steep at places. thanks
  102. S

    Buying Advice  BX2360 vs B2620

    Buying my first tractor - well, something to maintain just over 4 acres - 3 plus acres of pasture and two 1/2 acre paddocks. One acre is wooded area, sloped and one pretty sizeable slope in the big pasture. There are some tight areas I would be working in the paddocks. I have a Cub zero turn I...
  103. S

    BX2360 Fuel filter change

    Got a day off and I'm almost at 100 hours so...any tips or tricks for a fuel filter change on a 2360?
  104. T

    Folding ROPS for BX2360

    Is there a folding ROPS available for the BX2360, either from Kubota or as aftermarket. I'll be working in and around some dwarf/semi-dwarf trees and it sure would be helpful.
  105. H

    New BX2360

    I am a new owner of a BX2360 thanks to all the info I got from this site. With cash the difference between the 18 and the23 was about $400 bucks so that was a no brainer for me. I also got the easy on teeth bar and the forks for the FEL, 60鋳 MMM and a cut down an old back blade. Did have some...
  106. S

    Buying Advice  2nd hand BX2230 vs New BX2360

    Hi All, Enjoyed reading all your posts and learning a lot about the potential my new tractor will bring. I'm based in Australia and unfortunately while our dollar is on par with the US$, prices are still higher. I plan on using my tractor mainly for mowing 5 acres and some landscaping work. I...
  107. N

    BX2360 snowblower maiden voyage...how do I prevent snow clogging?

    I just tried my blower out on the bx2360 today (the kubota front blower). It worked great but at the end it clogged with slush and I had to jam a hockey stick into it for like 10 minutes to get it cleared out so it would blow again. I know the snow is very wet today as there was only maybe 3...
  108. T

    Mowing  Can't lock mmm to top position on bx2360

    Have a new BX2360 with MMM, FEL and rototiller. I have 6 acres, mostly grass and intend to have a 1/4-1/2 acre garden. I'll also be doing lots of landscaping and building a garage. My problem is that I can't get the dial on the MMM to turn all the way to the "TOP" indicator. I see this as...
  109. J

    Need help with Universal Joint on BX2360

    The joke sleeve (the part the joint shaft from the MMM slides into) on universal joint is bent beyond repair so I ordered an new one. The problem is I can't figure out how to go about replacing it. I've removed the snap rings but I think i'm missing something because the cross joint doesn't...
  110. snpower

    BX2360: 1 year later

    So it's been a year. Wow. Never thought I'd own such a great machine. For me, it's the perfect size tractor. I've done some useful projects, saved my back to be sure - even hauled kids on a hayride and done some community work. But the biggest bonus of owning the unit is the community of...
  111. mikedodd

    New member and BX2360 owner

    Hello to the group. My wife, Louise, and I took delivery of a new Kubota BX2360, and are looking forward to using it to finish landscaping our new house and to put in a garden next spring. This forum ought to be a great help, because we're both tractor newbies. Regards, Mike
  112. W

    Adjusting neutral spring BX2360

    Has any one adjusted the netural spring on a BX 2360. Is this somrthing a dealer should only do?. Speed peddle is slow to return to neutral, would like to adjust. Any how to info. would be helpfull along with pictures.
  113. Rfisher7381

    BX2360 cab recommendation

    Looking for Input from current owners of either of the following cabs. This one is around $700 plus shipping. Plus another $330 for a glass windscreen and wiper http://rjpartsco.com/KubotaBX50andBX60SeriesHardTopCabEnclosure-3.aspx This one is around $1600 plus shipping...
  114. S

    Cab heater: amperage / load for BX2360 charging system

    I'm shopping for a cab heater to plug into my 2360. The manual says not to plug anything in over 120 watts, but I'll need to know what kind of amperage / load the charging system is rated for. Can anyone help with this? I realize a better option is to plumb into the cooling system, but I don't...
  115. chelydra

    GC2400 vs. BX2360, JD1026r

    I'm planning to downsize from a CUT to a subcompact. Major landscaping is done, and instead of a BH, I now need a snowblower and loader that can move in tight spaces. No mowing or other types of work needed (yet). Major contenders were Kubota BX2360 (great machine, but I don't like the HST...
  116. AFChief

    Help! BX2360 Won't shut down

    Hello. I came in from clearing with a bush hog and ratchet rake. Pulled into the drive and turned the key off and the tractor kept running. I thought I could kill it by trying to move it while I wasn't seated, but the tractor would move. Pulled off the batt shroud and checked the back of the...
  117. P

    Best quality mowing... BX2360 vs B2320

    Okay... last question regarding my decision between a BX and B. Which machine mows better with the mid mount mower (MMM)? :confused: I mow tall fescue once a week. It's fairly course grass but is my lawn. If I buy a small Kubota it will primarily be used for lawn mowing. Also I want R4...
  118. chelydra

    BX2360: ease of changing front attachments?

    Thinking about changing my Kioti CK20 TLB for a smaller BX1860 or (more likely) BX2360, probably secondhand. Only implements I'd get would be loader and front snow-blower, with ballast box. Haven't used a tractor-mounted blower before (or even a PTO implement), and not quite certain it will...
  119. P

    Kubota BX2360 or B2620???

    Howdy ya'll. :laughing: I've been kicking around the idea of getting a small Kubota for yard detail and mowing. I already own a L3830 with LA723 loader. :licking: I mow (lawn) around 2 acres weekly and have been using a Toro 270H garden tractor that I bought for $120.00! :cool2: It works...
  120. M

    Buying Advice  Tractor for Front Snowblower: John Deere X748 or Kubota BX2360 for $3K Less?

    Hi! Thank you all for your many informative posts! Until now, I have been a lurker and have learned a great deal from your posts. Thank you! :) This is my first post, so please be gentle with me. :) I am now ready to buy my first (and only) tractor and need your wisdom and help. Tasks: 1...
  121. Rfisher7381

    BX2360 w/2750d blower - do I need tire chains?

    I live in SW Michigan. My driveway is fairly level with maybe a 4% grade for the last 100 ft up to the garage. I had a 2WD Cub Cadet that I used for snow removal for many years (front mount snowblower) which had chains. This is my first 4WD tractor and looking for advice if I should get chains...
  122. N


  123. Rfisher7381

    BX2360 block heater question

    Will be installing a block heater in the next few weeks. Mine uses the freeze plug press in style. One thread I found on TBN had very nice instructions and indicated to use Loctite on the plug when pressing it in. The hardware store carries many types of Loctite so I am wondering what product I...
  124. snpower

    Trac Vac 3 point adapter BX2360

    Called Palmor and they have a part #46651BX. Can't find a picture and not sure how it would make life better over using my BXpanded hitch with receiver and using a pin to attach my Trac Vac 560?
  125. S

    BX2360 50 hour service - lingering questions

    I'm getting ready to do my 50 hour service on a BX2360 and after reading Haywire's recent thread and also John Thomas's old thread, I have a few questions. I apologize in advance if it seems like I'm hijacking Haywire's topic, but by starting a new thread I'm just hoping to get as broad a...
  126. D

    hydraulic couplers - FEL to BX2360 tractor

    gents, mowed my bx for about 1.5 hours, mid-day today. went to put my loader on, and couldn't get any of the couplers click and lock in place . . . hit all the positions with joystick at shutdown. waited 2.5 hours for tractor to cool down . . .was able to move the 4 colored nipples . ...
  127. R

    Mowing  2011 BX2360 adjustments/observations

    After 14 hrs on my new BX2360, I decided to remove the not-so-leveled MMM and follow manual to make adjustments. I also wanted to grease all the zerks associated with the MMM once I removed it. I am glad to say removing (and mounting) the MMM was simple. I did not experience any difficulty as...
  128. snpower

    BX2360 54" deck blade removal

    Guys, I'd like your thoughts on the best way to do this. The manual's instructions are simple enough; however I can't get the blades off using a block of wood to stop rotation and a 30mm socket wrench (turning CCW). Maybe I need a box wrench on the top part of the spindle? If so, what size...
  129. J

    BX2360 steering question ?

    Dumb question, put a steering wheel nob on, and since noticed the position of the wheel being straight changes all the time. Any one figured out how to center it? I take it this is because of the "hydrostatic" steering. Thank you
  130. J

    BX2360 AND cyclone commercial Rake?

    Hi, Of course i have my new BX2360 and thinking fall time is coming, i found a used 2004 cyclone commercial rake and wondering if i will be able to get it rigged to my tractor?? Please let me know if you have any ideas or experience. I wish i had the real bagger but this is 1/4 the cost. Thank...
  131. PSDStu

    Pics of my new BX2360!

    I picked it up yesterday and got some pics today before the skies opened up!! We need the rain so I'm not complaining. Enjoy the pics!
  132. PSDStu

    BX2360 on the way!

    I was at my dealer on Wednesday and I asked about getting a BX1860 or a GR2120 to be used for mowing. My dealer said that he doesn't sell the GR series because they had lots of problems with them. He said he had just sold the BX1860 he had on his lot. My dealer called around and found a BX1860...
  133. D

    Mowing  New BX2360 Not Mowing Well

    I got my new BX2360 and mowed my lawn for the first(second and third) time:D, but I was VERY disappointed with the results:mad: It is missing long, fine blades of grass, in patches. It is a 60" deck and appears to be cutting level, but I can not figure out why patches are left? I was cutting...
  134. M

    Bx2360 quarter inching valve lever tabs too short

    I got a new BX 2360 a few weeks back, and would like to use the quarter inching valve with a box blade to work on the driveway gravel. I've read these forums and know how it''s supposed to work - the tabs on the assembly under the right rear fender are supposed to act as a stop for the lever...
  135. H

    Dirt Moving  United 448HD box Blade on BX2360

    Will the United 448HD box blade fit the BX2360? I emailed everything attachments and they said it will. I measured the lift arm width distance and it is 20". Is anyone using this box blade on their BX2360? Thanks for any insight/info.:mad:
  136. J

    Bought BX2360 Today

    After looking and being on this site to much!! :confused2: I broke down and bought a BX2360 today, went for turfs,FEL, 54 MMM, and Tiller. Hope i picked the tractor!!?? Arrives monday.
  137. mccash40

    new BX2360 owner

    Just joined the ranks of real lawn tractor owners. Hoping to get much needed information from this site.
  138. H

    My BX2360 delivered today! What a machine!

    Signed papers on the "bota" and house/property today. Put over five hours on it brush cutting at the "house". What a mule. At this rate I'll have it broke in tomorrow. If you see what I have cut, you'd know why my handle is hatchetman. I leave scalping where ever I go. I haven't broken a...
  139. paul314159

    Buying Advice  Choosing between BX1860 and BX2360

    Hello all, I think I have decide that I am going with a small Kubota. I've convinced myself, for now, that I don't really have any long term use for a backhoe, so I a have ruled out the BX25. I think the BX1860 with a 54" deck and loader will do all I want, but wanted to get some feedback...
  140. S

    BX2360 and lifting logs

    Hi all As I've already posted elsewhere, I'm in the process of buying a BX2360 (wife conceded!:thumbsup:). We have an outdoor woodburner and get chunks/logs dropped off occasionally from a tree service. A big selling point on the BX was having the ability to lift the heavier pieces onto the...
  141. snpower

    BX2360 Maintenance Spreadsheet for Excel

    All, I used some software I have to scan in the maintenance schedule and convert for use in Microsoft Excel. I added columns for "last done", and, "next due" so that you can 'predict' when the next maintenance event is due, either in hours or calendar months. As my tractor is new I did not...
  142. R

    Price Check  BX2360 to be delivered Monday!!

    Hello to all! I am a first time owner of a SCUT. A 2011 Kubota BX2360 with 60"MMM; FEL; mulch kit; draw bar; delivery and first 50 hr service for $14,700 b4 taxes. I thought this seemed reasonable based on what I have been reading. I will now get to move to the "owning/operating" forums...
  143. snpower

    BEST way to mount 3 point implement: BX2360

    Thoughts? Right now I just lower the arms as much as possible, then "muscle" the left side on, followed by the right side via the leveling arm. Too much manual labor, not to mention that will get harder as I get older (or so I hear) :)
  144. Rfisher7381

    Happy new BX2360 owner

    Received my new BX2360 almost two weeks ago and have only been able to put just over 5 hours on it due to rain and more rain :( Here are a few pictures. Now if things will just dry up a bit I can go do some work :D
  145. kcender

    New BX2360

    Just received my new tractor yesterday.It is a BX2360 with a fine cut 54 inch deck and mulch kit.It will be used pretty much for mowing only as I have a L3240 with FEL and BH for the heavier work.I had previously had a BX25 and really missed it for mowing.Used a Sears mower last year and...
  146. Rfisher7381

    Oil & Fuel  BX2360 front axle lube level low

    Hi All, I just received my new BX2360 about a week ago (yes I'll be posting pictures soon :)). I have just over 5 hours on it now (it's been very wet around here lately) with about 30 minutes of that in 4 wheel drive. It hasn't been run hard at all yet. I am concerned about possible damage to...
  147. Bacfin

    Backhoe  Kubota BX2360 and Woods Subframe Question

    Hi Everyone, I would like to put a Woods BH6000 Backhoe on my BX2360, but I cannot find the sub frame for this tractor on Woods website. Before I call Woods, I was wondering if anyone out here has a 2360 with this backhoe on it? Has anyone run into this before? Thanks, Bruce
  148. A

    Ballast  BX2360 Ballast options and total weight

    Hello all - After almost tipping my new BX2360 on a grade with a slight bucket full of material, I have acknowledged the need for a good ballast. I was considering ballasting the tires, but have decided against that, as I would like the option to drop the ballast for mowing, seeing as my yard...
  149. M

    My new BX2360

    Just got my brand new BX2360 with a FEL and MMM. Picked it up from Zimmerer Kubota in Cleburne Texas for $13,800. I have already put 10 hours on it and I think this may be the best tool I have ever owned. I got a tooth bar for the bucket that I still need to install. This thing is small in...
  150. D


    Getting ready to change oil in Kubota Bx2360. It has been changed once by dealer for 50 hr service last summer. It has about 115 hrs now. All I use it for is mowing. I mow about 5 ac with it. I do the oil change on my TC30 and use New Holland oil. I want to use something easier to get for...
  151. snpower

    BX2360 attaching mid mount mower

    Ok can any one tell me if there are any "tricks" to getting this thing on the tractor? I'm having a terrible time getting the shaft onto the PTO, specifically getting the collar to lock in place. It's taking me... 15 mins or so to get the deck on and I'm using far too much profanity. Just...
  152. snpower

    Moving logs, tree debris, etc. w/BX2360

    We had several pines dropped last year and I want the mess cleaned up before Bigfoot (or similar creatures) move in. Not having tackled a job like this with my new machine, I was wondering if something like the BXPANDED forks (or similar) would be useful? I'd like something cheap, that would...
  153. D

    Buying Advice  Kubota BX2360 or MF gc2400?

    I had posted yesterday that I was buying a BX2360. On the way to the dealership to test drive one I saw a Massey dealer and decided to stop just to compare the massey and decided I liked it...alot. The price is a little lower ($390) and they have 0% for 72months vs 0% for 48months. The...
  154. D

    Rear Finish Mower  Kubota BX2360 with 72" mower?

    Hello all, new guy here. Finally convinced my wife to let me buy a real tractor.:thumbsup: I have decided on the BX2360 for the size and what I need it for. My question is my neighbor has a 72" pull behind mower that he wants to sell me for $300. It seems to be in great shape, new belts, blades...
  155. T

    Price Check  Question about selling my BX2360

    I have a 2009 BX2360 i bought brand new with a 54" MMM with a mulching kit and a FEL and R4 tires, I have got a few offers but all in the $9,000 range, I payed around 14k new so i'm thinking these offers are low, many people have told me kubota tractors hold there value very well, any thoughts...
  156. N

    BX2360 snow removal in high gear?

    Ok I have a BX2360 and I have been using the loader and a box scraper to clear snow on my driveway. Its around 600 feet and is flat. I can do it in low but high gear makes it go so much faster. Sometimes though I can hear it struggling in high gear, is this bad for the HST or is it ok to bog...
  157. O

    Tractor News  Found Site 3 days ago... New BX2360 Tomorrow!

    Hello all, I just found this site three days ago after 10+ years of wanting and waiting to someday have a tractor to call my own. I finally got serious when I found this site and all the useful tips and advise about Kubota tractors and found out about the 60 months no interest financing. So...
  158. snpower

    Bx2360 with Trac Vac 580

    I just got in my deck adapter for the 580. Problem is... I can't seem to make it fit right. Palmor says to leave the BX's chute deflector in place to provide downforce to help hold the Trac Vac adapter where it's supposed to be. I honestly don't see where there is enough clearance to do so...
  159. snpower

    Got my new BX2360 yesterday!

    Barlow's truck showed up around 0800 with the tractor, FEL, 4" blade, 4" rake. The driver spent 30 minutes or so with me going over procedures, etc. It's rare to find good service at a good price anymore but Barlow's delivered. My local dealer, as much as I wanted to support him, offered me...
  160. kday64

    BX1860 vs. BX2360

    Hi all, I am torn between the 18 and 23 pony options. I have taken some measurements and the 48" MMM is the right choice for my yard. Can a 48" MMM mount to a BX2360? I want the BX2360 because it has nearly 30% more HP then its little sister the 1860. More HP = More PTO power for a snow...
  161. snpower

    Trac Vac 560 with BX2360

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a BX2360... I already own a great Trac Vac 560 system and would like to use it with my new machine. Anyone doing this? I'm wondering if I can just use the Trac Vac's pin or if I'll need a 3-point hitch?
  162. snpower

    BX2360 Price

    Greetings - Preparing to pull the trigger on a new BX2360. I priced it out with a 54" deck and the standard loader. Total came to $14800.00. Wondering if I should try negotiating lower, and what sort of tactics might be useful. I know the other nearby Kubota dealer quoted more, so perhaps...
  163. N

    Which chains for BX2360?

    I am on tirechains.com as I have noticed others have bought chains there for their BXs. I know my R4s are 26x12x12 on the rear but I see there are two options for chains, medium duty and heavy duty. Which ones have you guys been buying? If medium duty will do the job then I will save the cash...
  164. N

    Can BX2360 stabilizers be changed?

    The stabilizers on the 3pt hitch suck on the BX 2360...what a huge pain you basically need a wrench to tighten them and it takes forever. Is there any way to put something better on this tractor? I am considering having wing nuts welded onto the threaded portion so at least I can turn it...
  165. L

    Kubota BX2360 40hrs. Loader/Grill Guard - Excellent NEW Condition!!

    This Kubota Tractor is in EXCELLENT NEW CONDITION!! Tractor has ONLY 40 Hours. Garage Kept. All Original. Loader used 2 times. Kubota BX 2360 23 Horsepower 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 4WD with Turf Tires, LA243 Front Loader 48" Bucket, with Optional Kubota Grill Guard, PTO (Mid & Rear)...
  166. O

    BX2360 MMM grease zerks

    I greased the Kub a few weeks ago , but didn't realise there was a grease zerk at each end of the mower drive shaft . Now this morning I thought I'd grease it ( read the WSM disc ........... ) , but I can't get the gun end over the nipple . There's not enough clearance . Just ended up squirting...
  167. N

    BX2360 Ballast box question

    I bought a BX2360 in the spring, I got a ballast box with it which I haven't used because I used my box scraper as ballast. I decided I wanted to use the box as its less bulky and I hooked it up to the tractor, only problem is that I don't think its the correct one for the tractor. The model...
  168. N

    How to put liquid ballast in BX2360 tires?

    I want to do this myself not go to the dealer. I plan to put antifreeze in the tires of my tractor, I can get it for $3 for 4 gallons so I figure this is likely the cheapest way to do it. I plan to ballast the the tires in my BX2360 but I have a few questions 1) How do I get it in there? 2)...
  169. N

    Any way to make the BX2360 a better digger?

    I have a BX2360. When I try to dig anything with it I feel as though there isn't enough weight to provide adequate traction. I have a box scraper on the back for ballast and the front of the tractor lifts easily without really doing much digging in to the hard clay around here. I figure...
  170. D

    BX2360 and Brush Grubber BG08

    guys, need to figure out a way to remove a about 4 dozen small trees (2 to 4" in diameter). have a bx2360 and have found a BG08 at bailey's online. has anyone used this device, with a similar sized subcompact tractor? regards, D902 BX Pilot
  171. R

    Tool carrier for BX2360

    Not being terribly gifted in the DIY department, I opted to purchase a tool carrier from Kolpin Powersports (their UTV / ATV Basket, http://www.kolpinpowersports.com/products/atv-utv-racks/utv-racks/utv-atv-basket.html?vmcchk=1, $50) and mounted it on the ROPS of my BX2360 with 4 u-bolts. The...
  172. T

    New BX2360 rear hydraulics noise

    Hi I purchased a new Kubota BX2360. When I use the rear hydraulic lift lever and pull on it slowly to lift the implement it is very noisy. If I pull quickly all tthe way back...it lifts without noise...Is this normal??
  173. B

    BX2360 questions

    Well, I've been all over creation trying to decide what tractor to buy. Narrowed down to Deere X-748 with 60" 7-iron deck or Kubota BX2360 w/ 60" deck. For simplicity's sake, let's say they are within $500 of each other on the best prices I can get from dealer. I will be using it to cut my...
  174. S

    Overheating a BX2360

    Unfortunately, the little lady decided to surprise me and mow with my new BX2360 while I was away. She called and asked what to do after she worked it until it overheated and lost all the radiator fluid. :( What's the best way to determine if there is any serious damage when I get back home...
  175. D

    Price check BX2360

    I am in the process of buying a BX2360.Dealer has given e a price of $11,200 with 60 inch MMM and the loader valve included. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  176. O

    Carry-All total weight for BX2360

    I'm looking at options for carrying around the yard ; carry-alls and boxes. Empty weight is around 200lb for this stuff . What do you reckon I could load this up to ,on a 1650lb BX2360 with MMM and no front weights ?
  177. tubzz

    my new lawnmower BX2360

    picked it up yesturday, BX2360 with a 60"deck,turf tires and had the back tires filled.they removed the valve arm for the buckit from the black box.so i have no problem getting on and off from both sides. the tires work great on wet grass and alittle mud on the hill side.did not need 4 wheel...
  178. J

    Buying Advice  BX2360 vs B series mowing tractors

    The time has come to replace my G6200 mower. I bought it new in 1988. The tractor now has 2600 hrs. and is still working great. I mow about 6 acers weekly with the G6200. My other mowing and tractor needs are met with a L3130 w/fel. I'm ready to trade in the G6200 and buy a BX2360 with a 60"...
  179. W

    BX2350 vs. BX2360

    Can someone tell me the differences between these two tractors, if any? Thanks
  180. O

    JD2305 wheel weights for a Kubota BX2360

    Kubota Australia don't import the iron wheel weights for the rear 26 12 12. John Deere do have weights for the JD2305 26 12 12. Does anyone know if the JD weights can be attached to the Kubota metal rims , or are the hole alignments/bolts different ? JD service didn't know what the Kubota...
  181. tubzz

    looking at a BX2360

    my old craftsman 25hp lawnmower is on its last leg and cant get parts for it anymore. so i'm looking for new one. went by my dealer today to look at mowers, i rode the zd21 and the bx. i like the zero turn but not the thing for pulling wagons in the garden. anyway got a price of 11300 for a bx...
  182. TigerfaninAR

    Mowing differences between B2320 and BX2360/2660?

    Boy time flies, construction on our new house should begin in a few months and then I'll have a real yard to mow. Right now have the B7300 at the property with a brush cutter and box blade to keep the grass cut down and spread and level dirt after the dozer left. Just doing that myself has...
  183. L

    BX2360 or BX2660 ???

    How far does your 3pt drop down? Mine well drop until the arm are level. Is that right?? Sure doesn't seem right, I would think they should go close to the ground.
  184. N

    bx2360 front axle oil

    Just wondering how normal this is. I have 30 hours on my 2360 and decided to check the fluid levels today and noticed that the front axle oil isn't even on the dip stick. I can see there is oil down there but it doesn't reach the stick. I have to assume that it hasn't leaked out in 30 hours...
  185. M

    Ready to buy a BX2360 but have questions

    I have a few questions before I buy a 2360. First will I still be able to use my garden tractor attachments or is the BX too big? I have the following pull behind attachments 4' lawn roller, 4' core aerator, spreader, and 40" detacher. Also will my cat. 0 3pt stuff work, I have a 12" brinly...
  186. J

    Greasing the universal joints on BX2360

    BX2360 & RCK60B-23BX I can't get my grease gun to go on the drive shaft fittings. Do they make a smaller coupler to use in a tight space, and if so where can I get one? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your help.
  187. M

    Need help between bx1860 vs bx2360

    Hi,I'm trying to decide between getting a bx1860 or bx2360, with FEL and 54MMM for the 1860 and 60MMM for the 2360.I have just under 2 acres, with probably 1.25-1.5ac to mow with a lot of obstacles and the yard is level. It will be primarily for mowing but have dirt I want to move around...
  188. N

    BX2360 broken part replace or repair?

    I have only had my tractor for a couple weeks and I noticed that the deck wouldn't lock in the TOP position. I looked around and noticed that the linkage that goes to the back of the tractor and has a bolt that you adjust to stop how far back the linkage can slide was broken. The end of it was...
  189. A

    X748 vs 2305/2320 vs BX2360/BX2660

    Our resident X700 basher got me thinking about how they actually compare to the sub-CUTs. And while I was sitting here waiting for the laundry to finish drying I had the time to look it all up. Seems to me that the X748 holds its own pretty well and is exactly what it advertises itself to be: an...
  190. S

    Price Check  JD 2305 vs Kubota BX2360

    Help, I am going nuts reading threads on the topic. I am negotiating between the 2305 and the Kubota BX 2360. They are comparably equipeed with FEL, 60" MMM, Hydraulic snow blade. Currently I have the price the same at both dealers. I think both dealers would be equally good- I have the...
  191. N

    Very tough to get loader off of bx2360 please help

    Ok, so when the guy delivered the BX2360 he showed me how to get the loader off, he did it on my driveway, the pints slid out with no effort at all once he had the front of the tractor off the ground. I tried to do it later on in my barn on a flat level concrete floor and the left pin came out...
  192. N

    How to break in a BX2360 properly?

    I just got my tractor yesterday, so far have mowed the grass and done some loader work and smoothed some potholes on the driveway. I read the manual it said to take it easy for the first 50 hours so you it breaks in properly. I don't know HOW easy to take it though, for example I was cutting...
  193. N

    bx2360 fuel gauge question

    I was just driving my new BX2360 and it had been fine all day but I noticed the last time I drove it the fuel gauge was stuck at the very top (as far to the left as the needle will go and well above where it sits when full). Is this just some bizarre phenomenon or is it possible that there is a...
  194. N

    Ordered my BX2360 today, highly recommend the dealer

    So I finally pulled the trigger on a BX2360 today, it gets delivered on Friday (they would have delivered it today but I have to work). I bought it from Ben Berg's in Wainfleet Ontario (Canada). They were extremely easy to work with and very nice. I also got a quote from Barlows even though...
  195. N

    BX2360 front or rear blade or blower for snow?

    So I plan to get a BX2360, I would like to be able to use it for snow removal in the winter, I live in Canada near Niagara Falls so occasionally in the winter we get heavy lake effect snow. I plan to have a box blade and obviously the loader however our driveway is around 400feet long and I am...
  196. WV Tractorman

    New baby pictures aka BX2360

    As promised from an earlier thread here is the newest arrival to our family...BX2360 with the 60"MMM. Haven't had alot of time for seat time yet.... grass isnt long enough anyways! I can't believe how much quieter the mower deck is compared to our older BX2200 with 60"MMM... Like night and day!+++++
  197. C

    Buying Advice  close to pulling the trigger on a BX2360

    I am close to pulling a trigger on buying a BX2360 with a FEL, 60" MMM and the front end snow blower. Is anyone familiar with the tooth bars that you can attach to the bucket? How easy are they to install and how effective are they? Will they be helpful with doing a little light grading...
  198. Z

    Yes another vs thread! JD 2305 vs Kubota BX2360

    I have both my local dealers at the exact same price! The JD dealership is about 3 miles away while the Kubota is about 10 miles away.. so that does not matter. Both dealers seem to very helpful... although the JD dealership is not too keen on dealing.. its a heres your price and take it ore...
  199. WV Tractorman

    BX2360 pricing

    Ok here's the scoop went to my local Kubota dealer for the usual filters for my BX23 and 2200's. We got to talking about trading the BX2200 with about 400 hrs for a new BX2360.Does this sound about right. Dealer quoted $11000 for the BX2360 with 60" MM and 4500 for trade on my 8 year old...
  200. MerkurRS

    Buying Advice  BX1860 or BX2360?

    I am replacing my Wheel Horse 520H (20hp Onan/ Hydro) and want something more powerful AND 4WD. Plowing snow is hard on it and I really want a FEL too. I have no need for a backhoe, but if i get the BX2360, i can always borrow one. I do believe that the BX1860 is going to meet my needs (mowing...