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Feb 21, 2005
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I have the larger R4 tires which are Galaxy Marathoner. They've been good to me, but I destroyed a steer tire when I unknowingly ran it low and cut the sidewall. We booted and tubed it and it has lasted about 3 more years, but now it is shot.

So has anybody tried anthing different? Particulary in a wider size for better floatation. The 27-8.50-15's are just a bit narrow for any loader work on soft ground.

I doubt I have the clearance without spacers, but it doesn't hurt to ask...
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flip the wheels side to side and you have plenty of clearance....

i always run mine on the wide setting
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I think looked at this a while back, but forget why I ruled it out. Do you recall how much it changed the front track width?
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Firestone lists a 27-10.5-15 R4 for skid steers. They would give you about 2" more width. Designed to go on a 8" wide wheel, I am guessing you have 6" or 7" wheels. They would also have more load capacity than your current tires. I would check with the JD dealer for wheels, parts may be able to find them from something else, maybe a JD skid steer? :thumbsup:
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I think looked at this a while back, but forget why I ruled it out. Do you recall how much it changed the front track width?

It is a lot can not remember exactly, want to say some where around 4 inches per side. I flipped them on my 3720 but I also have 6" spacers on the back.
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I took a look and there is a lot of dish on the wheels so flipping would make quite a difference. I had to make a decision so I ordered a pair of Titan Trac Loader in the same size. They are rated to carry 2480# I believe where the originals were 2070#. The Titans are spec'd at 8.8" wide versus 8.4.

I've been contemplating the 27-10.50's but need a wider wheel. I'd also need to shift all of the added weight outward.

Titan also has an 8 ply unit that is stiffer yet at 2800#+ but loses so much lug depth with the beefy shoulders.
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The Titan Trac Loader tires measure a full 1/2" wider which should help with floatation a bit. The lugs are a bit more open which should help with grip a bit.

Hindsight being 20/20 I probably should have gone with the 10.5's as I think they would clear OK with the wheels set in, but technically I need wider wheels so I'm content with my choice for now. The big thing is that they are installed and ready for action...
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Glad you came up with a solution! Let's see how they look...