Rail roads and their tracks.

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Here is a few I took today while working at this site. These are ore cars.. Note the sides seem to come off.

Wood must have been less costly that steel when these care were built.

Even the trucks has wood beams in them.
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That pic of the ore cars looks similar to a place i saw in Cody Wyoming area, or it might have been Rapid City, but pretty sure it was Cody.
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Train derailed on a bridge over the Wabash River between Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN (home of Purdue University) back on 9/22. Dropped three cars in the river and ate a bunch of track and ties on the bridge. Here's several videos by someone that documented several days of repairs.

I've driven over the road bridge right next to it at least 200 times in the 9 years our kids went to Purdue, and I've always thought it looked rickety and thought it was abandoned. I never saw a train on it until just last summer when we took the oldest kid back to reminisce and buy some Purdue gear.