Rail roads and their tracks.

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Gee, containers are offloaded and a raft of them get loaded on trains and then get pilfered while waiting to go somewhere... Many vids out there showing that.
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Wouldn't it cost more than $50/year to feed the parking meters?
There were no parking meters. Which is kinda weird.

The town had parking meters in the past, hence the meter maids. They removed the meters and put up parking signs like 15 minute loading zone. 1 hour. 2 hour, etc., but kept the meter maids for enforcement. They'd walk a route and chalk a tire with chalk on a stick.

So there wasn't a meter to feed. But if you got several parking tickets a year, yes, it was easier and less expensive to buy the parking pass from the employer.

Eventually, they did away with the chalking and gave the meter maids scanners. They'd scan the license plate of each car parked and it would not the location. So you couldn't park on the same block for more than 2 hours (or whatever the posted time was). If you'd go out and drive around the block and park in a different spot, you still got a ticket. So you'd have to move to another block or cross street.

Amazing how many smokers would go out every couple hours, have a smoke, and move their car 3-4 times a day VS just parking in the lot.
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How about Rail roads guys....
I went to some Scottish Highland Games SE of Pittsburgh last weekend. There are several RR museums in that area, but schedules conflicted and could not visit any. Looks like an area rich in RR history. Just more reasons to return and explore.
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I wouldn't be adverse to seeing some pics, assuming you might have 1 or 2 with a RR oriented theme to include. :D
I could not stop to get photos. They were all closed on the days we drove by them on our way to other activities/appointments.

The one I'd like to see is a Trolley museum.
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From the UP FB page.
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A few years back a South bound BNSF coal train struck a river barge and rerailed. This is the NTSB report being discussed which just came out.