Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

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Aug 28, 2012
3 miles from where the gun was discarded
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Had the misfortune of blowing a transmission oil return line down onto a customers driveway. Immediately Did the usual dose of kitty litter/absorbent.
This is no puddle. It’s a 100-150 foot long puddle.
Kitty litter did a decent job on what oil was laying on the surface, but now I still have the stain. I have been given a few different suggestions on remediation.

1. Wait until it dries and seal driveway. Issue with that is the driveway is 1000’ long. Might look odd to seal only 100-150’ of it. Whole driveway would be very expensive

2. Power-wash driveway with a Dawn & water mixture. Still pondering this solution.

Anyone else had luck with a very large stain like this?


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Power washing with dawn is better than nothing but I’ve tried that before and the stain is still pretty visible after doing that. It’s probably still where I would start and see what is needed after that.
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Sealing it would be your best bet, I doubt you will get the stain out any other way.
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I use a product called Pull it Out on oil or hydraulic stains on my blacktop but that is a huge area to paint this stuff on.
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I've tried Simple Green, Dawn, Oxy Clean. Nothing worked. And I was only trying to lift up oil spots, feeling for ya...
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Oil the whole thing to match. Works on chip and seal pavement. Might want to use a cheaper oil 🍻
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I heard fresh oil stains much easier than established stains
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Issue is the oil attacks the Asphaltic Cement in the asphalt, ie the binder. You might try a weed burner to burn off the spill; but diesel, and hydralic fluid are he'll on asphalt. The picture is from a fuel spill, about 40-80 gallons on a roadway, and I could easily stick a screw driver through the asphalt, down to the base rock, with maybe 20 lbs of force. The whole affected area is gonna have to be milled out and repaved.
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Have you tried GOO GONE? suppose to remove stains etc.
Wife used this product so can't say anything about it but she
said it works!

I used BASIC H I know this works but its expensive! When I
changed oil in our car and truck I put the pan of use oil in our
front yard and got the hose and a quart of basic H slowly poured
the basic H in the pan and sprayed it with water when the oil disappeared
you could run your hand over the ground where I just emptied the
drain o;il and you hand would be clean as you could not get any
oil on your hand as the basic H dissolved it

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