Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

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So, a customer has the right to expect things to left in 'equal to or better condition'. I do think it's fair to offer him/her something, like a discount or whatever; and also, as the business owner, yes, you want/need to make it right, without going broke.
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I'm not reading the entire thread, but a liberal application of sand, brushed in several times over a few day's time should average out the color change.
Use black Beauty if you want it darker!
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I have used sand before, too. It worked pretty well. Have no idea why it’s absorbent, though.
The kitty litter is making a mess. A big clay stain, but that’ll wash away.
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Having been in the paving business, first thing that comes to mind is a base like TSP or caustic soda.
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I didn't read through this. Years back I had a guy in facilities maintenance give me a pail of Drive up? It was specifically to clean drive throughs and approaches. Did real well.
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I would try Spray 9. On dry surface then powerwash on low pressure. you are going to think this next one strange. the guys have been using it to clean grease on OTR trucks, Monster Energy Drink. Yep, It cleans grease like Coke removes rust...
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I can respect that but I would argue his property didn't get damaged and the owner accepted that risk by hiring a contractor. Although I did learn oil can damage asphalt witch seem odd to me but that depend on multiple factors like if not cleaned up type. But it was... If it would've been a corporate delivery vehicle I would strongly doubt they would offer any reparations.

This oil leak is well outside of the expected level of leakage. And the customers property arguably was damaged. If someone threw 5 gallons of paint on the side of your house I think everyone will agree it’s damaged even though it still does all the functions a house is supposed to. If it goes to court he would definitely loose. He owes the customer whatever it takes to restore the driveway to its previous state. Maybe that could be reached with cleaners, maybe it takes a seal coat. And he probably spilled enough oil to get in trouble with the state level environment people. So if customer is dissatisfied with the solution not only are they going to sue him and win they’re going to report him to whatever office does their state environmental stuff. Locally that would be TDEC but he’s in a different state. They’re probably going to fine him. Even if they don’t it will still be a headache. It will end much better for everyone to just seal the driveway if that’s what it takes to reach a resolution.
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Whatever you scrub it with throw the floor dry on before it dries and work it in.
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I haven't read all of the numerous responses, so pardon me if I'm repeating anything. Asphalt is a petroleum product, so your trying to remove oil from oil. It can't be done. You can treat the the affected areas with a primer and use a coal tar driveway sealer to resurface the entire driveway, or use a cheaper oil based sealant that doesn't need priming. A final cheap and easy option is to make an emulsion of used motor oil, methanol and water and apply it using a garden sprayer. This will create a more uniform tint but is not environmentally the most conscientious approach.
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My son and I use this to clean up our shop floor a few months ago it was a large area of concrete I was amazed how well it lift the oil and got rid of it.

We were using hot water with it

Not sure how it would do an asphalt though might be powerful and break it down
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