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Anyone have a 5740 montanna 2004 shop manual the clutch went out so I'd like to hear your offer on a shop manual you can email me.
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If you'll go back through old threads on Montana, you'll find the contact info on the member who would e-mail one to you. I don't recall the name right now. I must assume that you've tried to adjust your clutch already through the adjustment behind the plastic panel on the left side of your dashboard, under the dashboard actually. I thought my clutch had gone out until the dealer showed me where the screw adjustment was under the steering wheel as I just described. BTW, I do have an original copy of the manual for the 5740C and for what it's worth, it reads like a comic book and like it was written by a drunk Korean! VERY poor printing job too. That's a fact!!
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I have a 2007 or 2008 5740 never had any problem at all but now for some reason my shuttle eases out of foward but mostly when I am going down hill or on a slant to the driver side most every time anything might help ?
Thanks Reg
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hey motorhomecpl, was wondering how you solved your shuttle issues on the 5740? Ours became so bad that you had to hold it in, any time the tractor was doing hard work. Had to take everything apart and now looking to replace Synchronizers and other pieces in the transmission. I just wanted to understand what is the source of the problem
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Trying to resurrect this thread and ask if anyone can please forward me a Repair Manual for the Montana 5740. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Check here Index of /files. I also have a much better service manual that i can email to you.

Sent you an email incase you don't come back Do you still have the service manual for Montana 5740 on email. I need one. Can you help?