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Boy, I have chased some serious dragons with my tire issues. Basically with 8 to 12 ply it gets slipper fast. But with 4 and 6ply ballooons i pop them constantly. I do a lot of tree cleanup and that gets into my tires. Right now I am running 6 ply on the outside and 12 on the inside. I slide super bad at 40 degrees but it’s not like 30 with all hard tires.
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I've pulled crazy sticks, rebar, glass and other tire killers out of my 1850 tires without a flat since....ultraseal from Gempler's
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Does putting a tube in help with the low ply tires at low pressure? I.e. would it debead and then put the tire back on?

(no personal experience)

All the best, Peter
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Yes to tubes. All my low pressure use tubes and last a lot longer but in the end Hard pointy sticks get in at the rim and tear the tubes.