SA 425 intermittent engine shut off

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Dec 28, 2022
Yanmar SA 425
After around 30 minutes of running my engine will shut off. It starts right back up with turn of key. This always happens when I am moving and never has happened while using the backhoe.
Sometimes after restart it will happen a few times in a row, either immediately or a couple minutes later. I noticed after restarting if I barely push the forward pedal it sometimes it hesitates like its going to die. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
Also strange it never happens when I first use it but only after running a while....
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More specific information on the tasks that you are performing would be helpful? Is the PTO engaged? Do you have the PTO lever in Mid & Rear position or rear only? I know it sounds odd to ask, but what is the position of your seat? Have you checked the fuel water separator? Does it stall in the same fashion each time or are you doing differing tasks?
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It may be heat related. The tractor works harder when using the PTO and mowing than it does just running the backhoe.
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Seat switch? I had similar "shut down" problems while moving..... apparently, I would bounce off the seat about a 1/4 inch....triggering the seat switch.
Once disconnected, never had another "shut down".

Well worth trying it disconnected.....