1. G

    Z920M Kawaski Engine 23.5

    Good day. I'm struggling setting valves. I had set them and they would close over the next few mows. I have ordered new bolts and and nuts to see if that will help. One Valve 1, I was having problem with getting any gap on the exhaust valve. I noticed some type of ring (1/2" ring similar that...
  2. missydel

    HELP - engine symbol with kW and downward arrow inside accompanied by STOP

    Hi, really need some help diagnosing this problem. I have a 2021 New Holland PowerStar 75. The STOP symbol is on along with the engine symbol that has the letters kW and a downward arrow in the middle. I can not find anywhere what this means or how to fix it / get the symbols to go away. The...
  3. M

    RK55 Showing Engine Warning light after Battery Replacement

    I had to replace the battery in my RK55. I got the same class battery as the original. After replacing the battery, the tractor starts just fine, but the Engine Warning Light comes on and stays on. No other indicators are shown. The manual only shows this indicator with the stationary regen...
  4. Kevinhazelnut

    Engine cuts out, while brake deployed, when getting exiting tractor.

    Also, I can no longer start the tractor unless seated. This limitation is new and I will contact the dealer, but wondering if others have had this issue and how it was resolved. Thanks!
  5. Prattville tractor

    1250 massey ferguson engine replacement

    I have a 1250 massey ferguson with a bad crankshaft and can't find another one . Has anyone installed a different engine in one
  6. R

    Kubota 2920 pressing HST pedal stops engine.

    It suddenly happened where pressing the pedal stopped the engine. The seat switch was bypassed a long time ago and worked fine. I found that tapping the brake pedals solved the problem. Does anyone know what that brake switch is for? if I lock the brake pedals, and press the HST it tries to go...
  7. S

    Engine Paint...

    Is their a common engine paint color used on these tractors? Rattle can...?
  8. scootr

    Small engine ignition coil diode question.

    I have a Subaru 2 cylinder EH720 engine. I'm putting 2 new ignition coils on it. I noticed the Stop Diode was not connected to the coils. Each coil has one spade terminal. THe stop diode has a single wire unused with a spade connector which looks like it reaches the nearest coil. My questions...
  9. C

    186d engine

    I have a 186D from my grandfather that I am working on restoring and unfortunately it’s sat out in the rain and the engine is seized. I am trying to find her a replacement but I have had no luck. I have contacted a couple yanmar dealers and they do not maintain those engines or will work on them...
  10. S

    Bought MT2801D - 4DQ30C 1490cc 4cyl engine - ''Auto Laser" front loader - Mitsubishi R1613S rotary tiller

    Hi folks! Just bought an MT2801 with FEL and few implements. My first post!!!:giggle: Great Forum and tons of information! Foreign reader for many years, and very grateful for knowledge provided by so many members. I am not very familiar to write in english ,so apologize for any funny or not so...
  11. D

    Auto-throttle or Load Sensing Throttle for Honda GX630 Small Engine

    I'm building a new log splitter that will have a Honda GX630 v-twin engine and I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a load sensing or auto-throttle for something like that? I got the idea from watching the Eastonmade channel and their newest Axis (SHO) splitter seems to have that. When...
  12. sgiesecke

    Tractor engine runs fine, no power to wheels

    I have a JD 5310 Tractor that’s been losing power to the wheels after running normally for half an hour or so. The tractor sat all winter and I just started using it today. After running normally for a while, even though the tractor is in gear, the transmission loses power & the wheels don’t...
  13. S

    SA 425 intermittent engine shut off

    After around 30 minutes of running my engine will shut off. It starts right back up with turn of key. This always happens when I am moving and never has happened while using the backhoe. Sometimes after restart it will happen a few times in a row, either immediately or a couple minutes later. I...
  14. R

    2005 JD 3320 Yanmar 3TNV88-M Engine

    Recently purchased a clean, low hour, underpowered 2005 JD 3320 with a Yanmar 3TNV88-M engine. Wanting to increase fueling a little for more power as most engines have more potential of course when they leave the factory. May someone have some input to offer before I dive into this project as a...
  15. N

    engine warning light

    My Emax 22S HST when operating for about 20 minutes I get an Engine warning light that flashes 2 times slow then 4 times fast what is this indicating?
  16. J

    2400h A1100N2 engine power increase

    Does anyone know if the power from the A1100N2 in the 2400h can be turned up by adjusting the screw on the injection pump?
  17. C

    smoking tractor

    Hi all, 1964 Ford 2000 tractor has smoke coming out of crank case breather. It starts as soon as I start it up and doesn't stop, tried running it for a few minutes to see if it would burn off but no luck. I have been using it for the past couple days no problem and today I noticed the smoke...
  18. O

    Jinma(Nortrac) 304 leaking hydraulic into engine oil?

    It is a 304B by nortrac with T395E engine. I recently refilled my lift hydraulics and it seems to have leaked hydraulic fluid into the oil enough to blow the dipstick out under pressure with the engine running away and blowing oil and smoke. Hydraulic fluid was almost completely gone after...
  19. J

    Engine Compression

    Having trouble starting a Yanmar 240D. Used it and parked it. Now getting lots of white smoke but doesn't even make a pop even with a block heater making it warm. Last try I decided to adjust the valves and I was able to put a 8" wrench on one of the front pulley nuts and turn the crank fairly...
  20. N

    4TNE88 Yanmar Engine

    I am searching for a good low hour running engine or a reman 4TNE88 engine for sale for a reasonable price. Can anyone help with any suggestions? I have already tried All States Ag Parts and Hoye Tractor.
  21. David Shepard

    Run-a way engine mahindra 1626 hst

    While at idle, the engine goes into a "run-a-way" situation. I can turn the key off and it shuts off the engine. when I restart the engine everything seems fine for s short time then run-away engine again. Is there an "idle brain" component in the system?
  22. M

    3616H needs engine replaced

    I recently purchased a 2012 3616H with a broken block. I have not been able to located a quality used engine for it. Looking for ideas on where to locate one or if another brand small engine is a good swap?
  23. G

    L3940 Engine Valve Lifter adjustment

    I have my tractor in for that differential repair. The dealer suggested that the lifters should be adjusted, he said it should be done every 800 hours, I am at 1,450 hours, I don't know if the 800 hour adjustment was done, I bought it when it had 900 hours. His quote was really quite high, $800...
  24. mattock

    How to properly install connecting rods and pistons on an engine TECUMSEH V-TWIN

    I greet everyone, I am asking for advice. How to properly install connecting rods and pistons on an engine tecumseh OV691AE. where should the arrows on the pistons and the marks on the connecting rods point? have I placed them correctly? on this picture thanks you
  25. F

    Need to rebuild your engine coupler?

    Just got done rebuilding the engine coupler, found all the parts required. listing the part numbers from Neapco but may be crossed reference, they are 1000 series PTO yokes. I measured and found the dimensions at https://www.neapcoaftermarket.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2001ptocatalog637.pdf...
  26. S

    Basic small engine problem - What fixed it?

    If you guys want to play, we'll see who answers the basic small engine question first. Walk behind wouldn't start first time this spring. It had been under a tarp on a lift table since last run.. Pulled cord and got only one tiny pop Put chainsaw mix of gas and oil into carb, got nothing...
  27. W

    Thoughts on Skag with Kubota Gas Engine

    Asking for my uncle: Anyone have experience with Skags or Kubota gas engines? 2014 72" Scag Turf Tiger with a 3 cylinder Kubota liquid cooled engine, 900 hours. Owner states it is down on power and believes it to be the distributor. Would like to hear others experiences before purchasing. I...
  28. VentracPlusKioti

    4520/4500P engine life

    Taking home a 4520P. Big purchase for me I have just 5 acres to mow, a lot of steep slopes though. I’ll probably never get past 2000 hours in the next 10 years, but just curious to know how long the Kawasaki engines last? I’ve heard of people replacing their engines after so many hours. Was...
  29. dnw64

    B3030 engine cutting out for no apparent reason

    Last time I blew snow, twice, while backing up on level ground (PTO engaged, PTO RPM) the engine quit for maybe a half second then kept going. Today, blowing 20" of snow, the engine just plain quit. There were no warning symbols, wasn't close to Hot. Opened the hood, looked for something...
  30. marrt

    Can I turn over a Kubota diesel engine by hand?

    I have a Kubota D1105 engine in a ZD1211 mower. When I tried to start it for the first time this year, the starter made a clicking sound. I knew the battery was going bad as it was getting slow to start last year, so I replaced the battery. However, when I turned the key over, the engine still...
  31. C

    Oil & Fuel  1840E Engine oil pressure light/engine failure lamp

    So both warning lamps came on at same time. Shut off and restart, lamps are off. After a few minutes, they both come back on. No change in performance, but too worried to keep going. Anyone else had this happen? Possible causes?
  32. C

    1026r engine shudders

    2012 after 30 minutes of run time has major engine issues
  33. D

    Engine Check On

    On to the next issue. RK37, the engine check indicator is on the digital display. It does not have the regen next to it. Is there anyway to see what is triggering it without the obd reader I assume RK has? Thanks!
  34. magnoliav12

    Satoh ST2001 or Mitsubishi D2000 KE130 Engine parts

    I would like to know if anyone can find main bearings for a KE130 engine. My rebuilder threw all those parts away for some reason and I'm at a loss to find anyone who has those parts. Any help would be appreciated..thanks.
  35. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I have a stand-alone 6KW generator powered by a Yanmar engine model L100V6EA1C1AA (Engine Number: M29254). It has worked fine since 2013, but now the 15-amp fuse between the battery and the ignition switch and regulator blows instantly when the key is turned to Ignition. I traced-out the wiring...
  36. viktor6755676

    Mahindra tractor problem when driving at low rpm?

    I have Mahindra 475 DI and when driving below 900 rpm it starts to have problems, the rpm is unstable and the tractor have uneven power, the tractor shakes forward-backwards forward-backwards, but the engine works fine when tractor is not moving( it sounds like problem with delivering fuel when...
  37. steveneashcraft

    NorTrac 25hp tractor - need to pull the engine

    I have a 2006 NorTrac 25 HP tractor with a YangDang 385 engine. I need to replace the freeze plug on the rear of the engine on the block. It seems like I have a coolant leak coming from between the block and the clutch housing (I think) I need some advice. Is there any "easy" way to replace...
  38. landruma

    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    My 2019 M5-111 (tier 4) last month had catastrophic engine failure, 1,200 hours, from the diesel high pressure fuel pump. I only use gas station diesel in 5 gallon containers used only for diesel. Cost estimated $17,000. I wonder how many other Kubotas are having this issue. KTAC, Kubota...
  39. landruma

    Kubota M5-111 Engine lock up

    My 1,200 hour Kubota M5-111 engine locked-up while raking hay. Has anyone else had any engine issues with a new (3 year old) Kubota? Of course the warranty expired about 4 months back! Thanks in advance for your input. / Tony, Texas
  40. V

    Valve adjustment at 800 hour service for Kioti DK45S

    My DK45S is due for 800 hour service. I'm able to change fluids and filters myself, but the owners manual states the engine valve clearance should be adjusted at 800 hours and that I should consult my dealer. Adjusting the valves is beyond my DYI skills. I bought the tractor new in 2008 and it's...
  41. cgsmiley

    Need Advice - Shibaura S773L Rebuild

    I'm doing a complete rebuild of the engine for my New Holland T1030. The engine is a Shibaura S773L. The block is cracked in several places and also has a hole in it (threw a rod), so I'm replacing the entire block. I'm not a diesel mechanic by any means but I am willing to tinker and learn. I...
  42. M

    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    Hi All, I am hoping there maybe someone that had a similar issue or some expert wisdom out there to help with diagnosis. When I try to start the engine it turns over slowly and I get grey / black smoke from the exhaust. It does eventually start but struggles. This happens even after it has...
  43. M

    Deere 110TLB Engine Problem

    I’m wondering if I can some initial thoughts on what might be wrong with our Deere 110TLB engine. Engine has about 1500 hrs. on it - it has always sounded terrible but never had a performance problem. I was going up a steep hill when it suddenly lost power and it conked out. When I tried to...