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Liquid cooled what? Whats the engine?

Scag had some problems 10-15 years ago with some water cooled kawasaki mowers.

But reality.....all the commercial mowers.....toro, scag, exmark, hustler, etc etc etc are MORE similar than they are different. Most of the pretty much use the SAME choices for engines and the SAME options for pump/wheel motors.

Basically just comes down to paint color and ergonomics really.

Even most of the common things that need replaced from time to time are all usually universal. Like safety switches, PTO and key switches, blades, casters, pto clutches, etc.

With proper maintenance and oil changes.....the air cooled engines are good for ~3000hrs. So even a HIGH use homeowner putting 100hrs a year on is gonna get 30 years out of one.

Most rot the decks out because people dont keep the corrosive grass buildup cleaned off of them or scrape the underside of the decks before winter storage.

Personally I wouldnt spend the extra $$$ to add complexity
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Liquid cooled engines are great but I really don't care for them, unless you have a responsible operator. They can be overheated and damaged if the radiator is not kept clean. Worked on one that got so hot it melted the plastic radiator. Two diesels had scored cylinders and at least one rod bearing out.
The only difference that I have noticed between water and air cooled as for noise is the air cooled usually more fan noise.
As far as different makes go, check them out sit in the seat, take it for a quick spin. Toro has a fully suspended operators platform, Before I had to retire ( c4 disintegrated) we sold Skag, Toro, Husqvarna, Gravely, Dixie Chopper (6 months) and probably some other I don't remember. We had some commercial operator and a lot of home owners.
Gravely usually has no grease fittings just plastic bushings on steel pivots. Other may use ball bearings on pivots. Most all z turns have moved from the pump/ motor to an integrated transaxle.
My opinion is don't even think of a residential mower even for small lots they don't hold up, of course once you get a zturn you find a lot to mow with it.
So before you lay down hard earned money for a zturn feel it, touch it, test it. be sure if you want grease fittings they are on it. Be sure you can get any attachments or accessories you may want, and be sure it has the engine of your choice, the hydro's you have researched and think are best. If buying new be sure the sales person understands your needs and wants. If used be sure it meets the specs you have set before hand, and get your hands dirty checking it out.