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I bought the below items that are available most anywhere. I downloaded the torque pro lite which is the free version but it didn't work for me. I found the free version of the Cummins Fault Advisor program does work for me. You can make your own gauge layout and read most of the sensors on mine which has the Shibaura engine.

Bluetooth ELM 327 V1.5 OBDII OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Adaptor for Android Torque (bought mine on ebay)
9 Pin To 16 Pin OBD II Adapter Diagnostic Cable For Cummins Heavy Diesel Truck (couldn't find my order on ebay, may have bought on amazon)

Read my replies in this thread. Post 1 also lists the adapter I bought which is why I couldn't find my order.
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Catclysm could you check how much boost yours makes at full throttle? Thanks just want to compare to my 35hp model
What is the boost you see on yours?
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Sure would like to get EGT, Oil temp and Hydraulic oil temp. I have been tempted to put aftermarked oil/hydraulic gauges in myself.

Your EGT should be there. Looks to be the 518°F reading on your screenshot. You have a probe right in the exhaust manifold, preturbo, so that would be the sensor you'd want. The 1800°F reading on your other cat sensor sure hope that isn't right.
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Found it.
It's on the lower...LOWER panel in the middle, but off to the right side. There is a hole, but the actual plug is no where near it. I need to remove that panel to get to it. It is OBD2 as well.
Probably going to order a Bluetooth scanner just for my tractor instead of using my bluedriver I use on the rest of my vehicles. That way it can just stay there, forever. Unless that will hurt something?

Anyway. Thank you!
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Boost on mine is about the same.
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One of the main reasons all US vehicles have OBD II as a national standard is because non-dealership mechanics made such an outcry about it. Even if you go to the previous generation of OBD I there were a multitude of proprietary connector specific to each manufacturer.

Having OBD II type technology is long since overdue. It's been on cars since 1995 and I really don't know why manufacturers don't do it. Look at how much warranty work goes in for minimal issues. A bi-directional could easily test circuitry and readily annotate where a fault is in a no-start scenario. Warranty work comes out of the manufacturers profitability because they still have to pay labor to the dealerships.
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I just bought a MT357HC and saw that the diagnostic port is the standard OBD-II like I've seen in the automotive world. After reading this thread, I was curious and hooked up my Snap-on Solus Edge in generic mode. Sure enough it found the ECM and I was able to read data and clear codes (there were none). I have a little hand held code reader that uses OBD-II as well, but I was crunched for time so I haven't tried it yet.

One thing I did was flip the OBD connector around to the backside of the bracket so I won't have to remove the lower trim panel again to plug into it.
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I am looking at a new MT3 series tractor. Can a standard ODB-II connect to it, or do I need a conversion cable? I have a OBDLinkMX+.
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I am looking at a new MT3 series tractor. Can a standard ODB-II connect to it, or do I need a conversion cable? I have a OBDLinkMX+.
My MT3 has OBDII port. Need to take off the right side lower panel (2 bolts with handles) its under the ignition switch. Easy to get to.