Snowblowing rules of thumb

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Snow blowing rule #1: Without a cab, snow blowing follows the same rules as pissing into the wind. Rule #2: Rear blowers simulate strychnine poisoning and make you eligible for PTSD compensation.

LOL, like rule # 1!

Should be a #3

Don't bite off more than U can swallow==clogged chute!
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Unless you live in the woods in the snow belt and in February you run out of room to plow snow. Then you need the mule to move it! Snow pusher much better than a plow but I知 finding out a blower tops them all! Thanks
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Don’t forget to oil the chain on front blowers every 4 hours with chainsaw bar oil. PS a pin hole in the foil seal on your gallon of oil works great!
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The rear blower doesn't bother me. I sit sideways in the seat so I'm not straining my neck looking directly behind me

That's what I'm doing too. Mind you, I only used it twice so far to blow my 1000' private road. I just received a tractor steering wheel spinner knob that I'll install before the next snow fall (8-10" forecast) tomorrow. With practice, it might make steering easier knowing exactly where the wheels are pointing.
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Rule #472, put rubber scrapers on your impeller.
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This has probably already been posted, but before any snow, make sure there are no objects in your path that can cause damage to your snow blower!!!
I was clearing my neighbor's drive last winter...hit one area I didn't normally clear and the blower (73" Frontier rear blower) partially ingested a frozen door mat.
Stopped the blower cold...
Forunately, just one (of two) shear bolts snapped, but removing a frozen doormat wrapped around the auger was a SOB
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Oh my..... I can only imagine how frustrating that would be!!
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We had such a lame snow this past year, I didn't even get our blower out.... And just pushed it with our 6x6 and blade