Spartan mower cut help please

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try something like this, if this doesn't lift the grass i got nothing for you

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I did replace the medium lifts with high lifts. I'll try a set of gator blades next time and see if that improves.

The deck is baffled and does not have a mulching kit.
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I got a used Spartan SRT-XD 72" last year. I like the mower its self. It has the 36hp Vanguard Big Block that really runs well, and Parker pumps and motors, it will scoot. But the cut is very much lacking. I've put new blades on it, new belt, new idler pully, spacers to lower the blades in the deck, and increased the governor by a few hundred RPM. I just can't get the silly thing to cut well. I have to cut so slowly that a 60" running normal speed would be faster than me on the 72. I got it because I keep my whole property mowed. There is probably 9 of over 11 acres that are lawn, the rest is trees and pond. I was hoping this was going to be the mower I kept forever, but if I can't get it to cut well this will be the last summer on it. I may even jump ship this summer, but I just built a house and had to buy a truck.

Do any of you have any ideas on something to improve the cut? I thought about changing spindle pullies or pto drive pully to increase blade RPM but I don't know where to start on that?

The cut basically is uneven throughout the swath. Some areas are cut really well, but there are multiple mohawks of just poorly cut, high, uneven grass. I think the bad areas are on the center of the blades, and better the farther it gets from the center of the blades.
One of Spartans problems was deck baffles being a tad short. They offer(ed) a “turbo flow kit” which pretty much resolved this issue. From your list, I’m guessing you checked the spindles/bearings also.

Found it;
Jul 6, 2020 — Spartan Turbo Flow Kit creates more suction allowing for much cleaner cut.

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The way you describe your problem it sounds as if you have Bahia grass. some types of blades work better than others and razor sharp ones work the best....Also someone mentioned blade slippage but have you checked for belt type, quality and slippage....