1. D

    TD80D I need help

    My hydraulic pump blew and filled the crankcase. When I pulled the pump I found one of the metal tangs on the coupling on the shaft side was broken off. I have the service manual but, can't find anything about how to get this shaft with the gear out. I'm going to pull the power steering pump and...
  2. L

    Need help turning an old field into a pretty yard

    I know timing is not right for this year. But over the course of the next few years I would like to turn my property from junky thin weedy grass to a nice looking lawn. Maybe the hay guys can help? Bermuda is the only grass I really have any experience with and I like it pretty well. I finished...
  3. missydel

    HELP - engine symbol with kW and downward arrow inside accompanied by STOP

    Hi, really need some help diagnosing this problem. I have a 2021 New Holland PowerStar 75. The STOP symbol is on along with the engine symbol that has the letters kW and a downward arrow in the middle. I can not find anywhere what this means or how to fix it / get the symbols to go away. The...
  4. C

    Witts's end!

    I have a 1990 Ford 7710 series ll. I have replaced the alternator and battery still not charging. I noticed that the previous owner unplugged or did something to the safety switch. Could this be the reason the tractor is not charging? If not, what else can I look for.
  5. Duke103169

    Need help adjusting steering arms to go the same speed.

    Hello. I am new to Bad Boy mowers. And since I got mine the left steering arm has been faster than the right. So, I disconnected the right steering levers under the seat and lengthened it. Well that worked. Now it’s faster than the left. lol. So I went and adjusted the left and now I am about...
  6. P

    Looking for help to price B7800 I’m gonna sell

    Thinking of selling my B7800 with loader, woodmaxx 72” snowblower 3pt, 72” Woods finish mower 3pt. And 6ft back blade. Tractor, snowblower and finish mower all garage kept. Tractor has less than 700 hrs on it used at my home, I bought it new. I was thinking of selling it for 18k. Am I in the...
  7. J

    2006 Case JX95 Light Wiring Help Needed

    I have a good friend that I'm trying to help get his hazard lights and dipped lights hooked back up. The problem is a guy that did some work on his tractor unplugged the wires from the two switches and didn’t take a picture or anything of them. So I'm looking for somebody that has the same...
  8. D

    MF Year Identification Help Needed

    Massey Ferguson Mod# MF1428VH SER# N-R1207 Hey all, just bought this MF 1428 compact tractor and I can't nail down the year of manufacture. only says it's between 2002 - 2005, but doesn't break it down by serial number. Other sites just don't list this model, so I'm hitting...
  9. B

    Photo help please TX1510

    Anyone with a TX1510 could you possibly take a photo of the thermostat housing area on your K3B engine and post it....If I look at K3B manuals many of them show a thermostat and a fitting assembly (see image No 22) mine has neither!!!
  10. S

    Push/pull switch wiring help

    I have a 2021 DR Field and Brush Mower Pro Max52T. I pulled the wires off of the push/pull TPDT switch. The wire colors are red, orange and 2 whites. The switch itself has 8 pins, 2 rolls of 3 and 1 roll of 2. I need assistance on what wires go to which pins on the switch. Thanks
  11. H

    JD 7200 Planter NEED HELP

    We have a "new to us" JD 7200 max Emerge 4 row planter. We are in the process of getting it set up to plant corn and are having a hard time. Whenever with raise the planter the marker arms drop, and when lowered, they fold up... the complete opposite of what we need. Additionally, one of the...
  12. D

    2002 JD 4610 help request

    I bought a used 4610 while deployed overseas, my handyman back in the states ended up blowing the engine (connecting rod thru the crankcase) Long story short when I returned home two years later the tractor was in pieces, I had the engine completely rebuilt, Ive been trying to piece it all back...
  13. H

    Help identify Chinese tractor.

    Hi all. Can someone please help me identify this Chinese tractor brand and model. There is nothing identify on the tractor. Has a VIN number but all other text on vin plate is faded. I can see it is a 2012 model.
  14. gstrom99

    Rotary cutter ID help?

    I just bought this rotary cutter (cheap) and I need some help identifying it. The seller didn't know the brand. He said the gearbox leaks, so I will probably need some parts... It's a 5 footer, kinda red(ish), has a big/heavy round disk that the blades attach to (not a real "stump jumper")...
  15. N

    Where fill and check level for a Mitsubishi MT 2201

    Where do you fill up the transmission fluid and check level for a Mitsubishi MT 2201 tractor? Can I find on line service manual? Where?
  16. C

    help with my kubota b5100

    can someone tell me where the 4 wheel drive lever is on my kubota b5100 tractor? thanks bob
  17. B

    Govenor Help!!!

    I have a Branson F3550 with the Mitsubishi S4l2 diesel engine. I was having a problem with engine surging. I replaced the injectors and problem got worse so I took injection pump off and got it tested and was told it needed to be rebuilt by a very credible and reliable shop. Put rebuilt...
  18. K

    Resolved - Need help with grapple problem

    This will be a long post but I believe if you are asking for help you need to give all the details/information available. Background: Land Pride Grapple SGC0660 will not open Have owned for 3 years with no issues (familiar with quick connectors and how to depressurize before disconnecting)...
  19. S

    Help. Dunham cultipacker

    Trying to get grandpas old cultipacker back up and running for deer plots etc. some time ago the end cap i guess whats called a “grease cap” came off and has rendered it essentially useless. Anybody got any ideas on how i can fix it? Ive briefly scoured the internet for a replacement part but...
  20. D

    Tractor wouldn't start yesterday, started right up today, need help - what part is bad?

    Hello, we have a 2021 NX5510 with 50 hours on it, I used it 2 days ago, everything was fine, started right up, etc. I go to use it yesterday, and it will not start. Its in neutral, brake is fully depressed, PTO is off, Im sitting in the seat, Battery is not dead, I hook it up to some jumper...
  21. Balazar

    Help me identify this fitting.

    I bought a grapple at an auction. Seems to be foreign import. It came with flat face couplers. I want to put Pioneer couplers on it. What in the world is this and what is the most simple solution to switch to Pioneer? The out of focus 90 fitting has the an adapter in it that adapts it to...
  22. Code54

    3D printing software (Fusion 360) help in a design

    I was going to 3d print a die holder for the garage but am sort of stumped on how to get holes in a plate that are even. What I am trying to do is make a flat piece of plastic where they sit. I designed it so it holds 16 total dies, 4 across, 4 down. I can get the first hole (44mm wide at...
  23. C

    Bending my box blade hitch, please help!

    Kubota L3902, land pride box blade(1572). I'm bending the hitch assembly on the box blade where the lift arms attach. Both sides are bowing to the outsides. Hopefully these photos communicate what's going on. What am I doing wrong??? Quickhitches not adjusted to the correct angle, so they want...
  24. M

    selling a kubota 2001 b 2410 looking for help with pricing

    i have 2001 kubota B2410 HSD with 780 hrs a LA352 loader and a woods BH6500 backhoe w a16" bucket over all good condition and fresh fluids and filters through out. new turf rear tires and front tires nearing end of life , average suface rust for age, any help pricing this machine would be...
  25. U

    X530 Issue Troubleshooting Help

    I have an X530 I've had for about 2 years. Late last season it started having an issue where it will stutter when I engage the blades at full throttle. Usually this happens when I've had to stop the blades to move something or back up without pulling up on the engagement lever, then go to...
  26. Ricanrider

    Comparison  Buying my first sub compact tractor need help deciding.

    I bought a farm in Upstate NY, I have leased most of the acres to a nearby farmer, so I'm just looking to maintain the 5 acres around our house. The terrian is flat with some hills. I'm looking to use the tractor for mowing and plowing my driveway along with yardwork/ landscaping projects. The...
  27. T

    Help with White (Iseki) Field Boss 37

    Looking for help with my 1988 FB37. Has always run strong and only has a little over 700 hours. Last year the injector pump started leaking fuel outside through the overflow tube. Now I have diesel in the oil pan which I believe is caused by the injector pump seal(s) failing. Anyone know a...
  28. L

    Spartan mower cut help please

    I got a used Spartan SRT-XD 72" last year. I like the mower its self. It has the 36hp Vanguard Big Block that really runs well, and Parker pumps and motors, it will scoot. But the cut is very much lacking. I've put new blades on it, new belt, new idler pully, spacers to lower the blades in the...
  29. U

    Cultivator type for my application. I don't know the name of it.

    I'm looking to use a cultivator with sweeps on it to clear southern pea walkways of weeds for the first part of the growing cycle until a canopy starts developing. I've searched the internet a few days looking at cultivators, and some cultivators are called chisel plows, or field cultivators...
  30. Midniteoyl

    Help! Can't decide which trailer, LOL

    So, looking for a new trailer, I ran across 3 that are the exact same price but different builds. The 3 trailers are all 20' 14k Load Trails: 20' 'I Beam' frame w/Max Ramps and Toolbox- 20' 'Standard' frame w/Max Ramps and Toolbox- 20' 'Standard' frame w/Standup Ramps and Toolbox- And there...
  31. M

    2655 Add-on hydraulic help needed.

    I am taking the next step in my tractor evolution. I have bought some hydraulic implements (root grapple, cutter, custom fork grapple). Since most of what I will be doing is open/close (grapples) power on/off (cutter) I am thinking of using my rear remote rather than spend $1000+ for a third...
  32. S

    Trailer Type Selection Help. - Towing 4WD Tractor with FEL and Flail Mower (4700 pound total weight)

    Looking for help in selecting a trailer type to purchase with the following inputs - Current Tractor Kioti CK27HST with FEL (tires not loaded estimated tractor and FEL weight 3800 pounds) and 65 inch 3 point mount Flail Mower (900 pounds) = total weight 4700 pounds for tractor/FEL/Flail mower...
  33. beowulf

    Top link extender help - finding one like the included photo

    I posted this a minute ago but somehow lost it. I hope this does not go in twice. Anyway, my top link is inconveniently short at times - by about 2-3 inches typically. I can make the connection with a bit of hassle and sometimes need to use a lever to lift the back of an implement to tilt it...
  34. C


    Battery will not charge. No blown fuses K - 5 relay replaced along with voltage regulator. Alternator or generator has 32 volts AC output. Yellow battery light comes on. I have a new voltage regulator in it. Checked the white wire output was 14 volts! Great right? Ran the tractor for about 5...
  35. john15nlt

    Need help identifying model of this JD 2 row planter

    Can anyone help with model of this planter
  36. C


    Every time I release the brake / clutch it quits. I have the seat switch jumped and the two switches the brake/clutch arm stroke work fine. I dont know what else to do?
  37. S

    Help with approx. ballast weight needed

    I have a 5055E with a loader (520M) that has a lifting capacity of over 3k pounds. I would like to lift at least a ton with my forks. My tires are not filled. How much ballast weight do I need on the rear (I have weights I can add on to my BB) in order to lift a ton with my forks? Thanks.
  38. N

    Just Purchased a 93' - B7100 HST Fuel Leak Help

    I recently had the chance to purchase a 1993 B7100 HST with a 60" deck and its my first time owning a Kubota. The tractor and mower run great, but I discovered a fuel leak that appears to be coming from the injector pump where it is threaded going to the cylinders. I have attached couple of...
  39. H

    Need help identifying 1/4" bearing ball in Kubota B7300 Gearbox

    Short story: I pulled the hydraulic cylinder case off of the differential gear case. When I turned the hydraulic cylinder case upside down, a small 1/4" bearing ball fell out. Any idea where this might have come from? Long story: Bought my first tractor, a used B7300 with 114 hours, from a...
  40. Aussieman

    Iseki 2160 help

    Ok so I have recently came into possession of a Iseki 2160. I would like to find the casting stamp of what type of Mitsubishi K series engine it has. I cant seem to find it I haven't had a super detailed look yet but also lack the time too. I have got some photos of the engine and the tractor...
  41. T

    Electrical Fun and Schematic help with a Mahindra 4550

    Hi there Gents, Helping my elderly neighbor out with his 4550. Bought a service manual, but the electrical schematic page is illegible as it's tiny. Can anyone help me out with that? That being said... Tractor does not charge. Alternator is good, but my experience tells me there is an issue...
  42. D

    Need John deere 4610 help

    I was stationed overseas for 4 years, meanwhile a handy man hired to maintain my property back in the states, blew the engine in my JD 4610. When I returned home I found it compelling disassembled and I'm trying to put it all back together. There are a few points I'm stuck on, as I can't...
  43. N

    Help with rotary cutter gearbox

    I just bought an older ford rotary cutter. It is missing the top half of the gearbox and the pto shaft(I bought the thing for $60). The best I can tell the model number on the tag of the whole thing is 22-151. I’m having trouble finding the correct gearbox for it. The output shaft is 10 spline...
  44. Williy


    This is infomation only so somebody wanting to purchase a tractor can get an idea of what they want and then start trying out the different tractors so you get the most for your money. Yanmar has some good discounts from $150 t;o $5,000 depends on what you purchase also a 10 year drive train...
  45. jigs_n_fixtures

    Any Sparkies? I need wiring help

    I am going to wire some auxiliary lights, and solenoid driven diverter valves. The wiring will be exposed to sun and weather. Is SJOOTW, or SOOTW a suitable wire? Or do you have better recommendations? And on wire sizing: How do you size wiring for LED lights? I sized wire for the tiny...
  46. B

    HELP! ISO Backhoe Attachment for 2016 Mahindra 2555 HST

    I have a great 2016 2555 with 250 hours. I am looking for a backhoe for this machine. OEM at the time of manufacturing was a Model 75. Of course none of those around. Curious if any owners have any luck with aftermarkets on this tractor understanding if it doesn't match the subframe it...
  47. C

    HELP! Howard Rotavator pto shaft

    I have an old Howard Rotavator Selectatilth that is missing the pto shaft and slip clutch. Does anyone know where I could find one? The shaft coming out of the gear box is 1.5" and has 10 splines. Also if anyone know what model this is that would help. The factory tag is missing. There is a...
  48. T

    Help fixing a leaky sleeve! Ideas!

    I've got a little 25 hp chinesium tractor. So no real formal specs to toss around. I rebuild this thing new last summer. All new internals and seals. The sleeves are wet press in with two 4mm thick orings as seals on the bottom of the sleeves. Seals off the coolant from the oil sump. I...
  49. S

    Help with transmission f16d

    Hi, I have a f16d tractor was using it today and switched between reverse and 2nd and it kept going backwards. If it try to put it in 1 or 3 it will stall out if i out in the 2nd spot stays reverse. Is there a linkage between the pin the shift moves and a gear somwhere? Any help sith a...
  50. 4

    help looking for Mitsubishi k3d piston rings .75 for toro part number 72-4230

    help looking for Mitsubishi k3d piston rings .75 for toro part number 72-4230 45fmj Tom
  51. S

    John Deere 850 aka yanmar 2500 saga continues need help

    Back story on tractor is I did a rebuild on it new pistons, rings, rod bearings and head gasket. Flushed radiator new thermostat adjusted valves. I got it back together and it will start but it just seems like it has no power and I’m pretty sure it’s getting to hot also it won’t idle has to be...
  52. S

    Need help picking correct oil for my 25 year old 19hp twin Generac generator

    What is the correct oil to use in my 25 year old 19hp, twin cyl, air cooled Generac generator. This is from the old days with higher ZDDP in the oil and I don't want to screw up my house generator with modern oil. The generator has test run more than actual use and only has maybe 15 hours of...
  53. pimpintackle

    Anyone help diagnose this sound?

    Looking at picking this up at auction. Anyone have any idea what is happening in reverse on this video? Do you hear that 'grinding'? Check it out around 18 seconds mark. Thanks!
  54. L

    Wheel seals leaking? need help

    Hello, have a Mahindra 5010. Noticed hydraulic oil around the edge of the rim, one wheel much worse than the other. How does that happen? Would it be common for there to be an axle seal and it's gone bad and is leaking? I think this is a 2014 model, would it be unusual to have a seal go out in...
  55. jjeff

    My beloved Duramax needs help.

    2016 6.6 Duramax is I'll attempt to make this quick January drove truck 500 + miles to visit my dad, idler pulley and tensioner went out far from home got truck towed to a GM garage only place up there I could find that would touch a modern Diesel. Stubbornly figured since it's in might as well...
  56. S

    Need help

    Hello.i have a mf65 rear wheel rusted broke and destroyed the tire and intertube.the outer ring is broken.i just got the the tractor.its my first.can anyone tell me what other wheels I could use on it? Any help is greatly appreciated
  57. Bansil

    Need help finding a tooth bar for my bucket

    When I had my Ford 5000, I made a tooth bar out of a 6x6x5/8 angle iron, I used a grinder and cut off wheel to make the teeth on both edges. It slipped over the bottom lip of the bucket, and straps around bucket held it on. So I had teeth to the front and down under the bucket I used it to...
  58. G

    need help, I'm stumped, starting issue, tym 234

    hello all, any help would be appreciated. i needed to start my tratcor in about 28 degrees f. I have never had a problem with this tractor, but i don't run it much in snow/winter at all, a few times. i heated the glow plug(s)? not sure how many, its a 3 cylinder diesel mitsubishi i believe. it...
  59. EdGooding

    Help identify this part?

    I am helping a friend dispose of her deceased father's garden and farming equipment. She is going through his stuff and trying to decide on what to keep, what to throw out and what can be useful to someone else to sell. Can anyone help ID this part and whether it comes from a lawn tractor...
  60. F

    3 cyl John Deere 820 starter help needed.

    The tractor has been sitting all winter, and now it won't turn over. The solenoid gives a loud clunk, but that is all I get. No hint of a starter problem before this. The battery is good at 12.7V at the starter. Tried shorting across the posts on the starter, and got nothing, so I'm thinking the...
  61. F

    help to identify this part and why hydraulic fluid is flowing out it.

    i cant find what this part is in the mahindra catalog it just shows a square hole where this goes on the center case. my haudralics drained out of it. like a plug was released, not under pressure. it is on a 2015 gear series. thanks
  62. S

    Anyone help locating a cheaper seal?

    I have a leak on the plate on my power steering pump on my 2120. The seal kit is $185. Cheapest I can find. I can get a new pump for just a little bit more. Anyone know a cheaper way to get this seal? It's an odd shaped seal so idk if a hydraulic shop could come up with one. Or if I'm gonna...
  63. Lord_Of_Ironshire_449

    Gifted a Tractor... need help

    Hey team, this is my first post here. I hope I can get some illuminating responses. My in-laws have a Kioti KL401 (is that the real model# or is that just the loader) that's been sitting quite a while. I told them I'd take it off their hands and they said OK. I can't seem to find the year...
  64. S

    Any help with a power steering pump seal? RTV it? 2120

    Power steering pump is leaking between the rear plate and the housing. The seal kits are discontinued. And it's an odd shaped seal. Any chance some good rtv on the flat bit will work? I have attached pics of where it's leaking in the yellow circle and a pic of the plate off and the seal.
  65. D

    Brush cutter opinion/help

    I’ve been talking myself into a front mounted brush cutter and exploring some options. One thing I’ve noticed is a couple of the manufacturers may not be using a cushion valve on the motor, rather just teeing the lines. One side of my brain says that can’t work very well, the other side says but...
  66. bobgebroski

    Yct 306 Hydraulic shuttel shift.

    Has anyone sourced clutch friction disks for the shuttel shift transmission on these chinese dozers? I've been told to call a couple different companies with no success. Seems like nobody can get them. Just wondering if anybody has actually ordered them through a company and got them in hand or...
  67. NC-DS3510

    DS3510 No Fuel From Injectors

    Here's the story I found out a few days ago that my fuel gauge isn't working. Ran out of fuel. Filled it up, bled the fuel lines by cracking the bolt on the fuel injection pump and it cranked right up. Next morning it cranked right up and I ran it again for several hours with no problem...
  68. P

    Control Valve help

    I have a Kubota MX5200. I have to questions. I bought a Titian 1912 rotary cutter. It has a single hydraulic hose for operation. I do not have rear remotes and just plan on mounting a single hydraulic control valve. There are some many options it has become confusing. What spool do I need and do...
  69. W

    McCormick Parts

    I am searching for parts for a McCormick CT-41 (R-41) compact tractor. Front bearing and seal is out and need replacement. I have had no luck and our surrounding area has not heard of this tractor. Please help.
  70. S

    GC1700 DL95 / CB65 Bucket CAD help

    BLUF: Does anyone have CAD files of the buckets on the DL95 or CB65? Or can I get the pin sizes and spacing for each bucket? I don‘t have access to my tractor to measure it myself. I moved to S.Korea for a few years on an assignment and am separated from my GC1710. The onset of withdrawals...
  71. F

    Removing hotwire start method. Yanmar 155d

    Hi there, I am trying to help my landlord to get his tractor functioning properly. It was started by hot wiring in the past and I am trying to get it back to starting with a key. I believe the clutch safety was bypassed but am not able to locate it. Can anyone point me in the right direction to...
  72. anastasie

    [Help] Grillo G110 handlebar problem

    Hello everybody! I want to ask a piece of advice regarding an issue i have with the handlebar i have on my Grillo G110... As you can see in the photos + video below, it has a lot of slack where the handlebar connects with the bracket that holds it... I'm afraid it might break... What would you...
  73. J

    Massey 165 MK2 Hydraulic lift not lifting

    Good day We recently bought a secondhand Massey Ferguson 165 tractor (year and hours unknown). The tractor is fitted with a MK2 hydraulic pump. The lift or pump however do have so issues. When we try to hook and pickup/lift heavy implement (slasher) the tractor does not want to lift the...
  74. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...