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Jun 7, 2021
Central Arkansas
John Deere 1025R, Spartan SRT-XD 72" zero turn
I've got a Spartan SRT-XD 72" zero turn and I noticed a bent spindle this weekend when I was getting it ready to mow. Have any of you replaced spindles or shafts? I wonder if there is an aftermarket spindle that is worth a hoot? They are pricy from Spartan. Just the shaft is about $65 and I don't know how hard it is to replace vs the whole spindle.
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Not a clue but did you try ASC (Agri-Supply) per chance. I get my spindles and assorted parts for our Cubs from them. They might list your Spartan as well.
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Spindles are expensive. Working on a Ferris with non aftermarket available spindles and no parts available for the spindles. and they are $260 each.
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Glad I own and operate a machine shop. I make a lot of custom machine parts that are unobtanium today. We even do heat treating.
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Put your part numbers into a search. Stens Rotary or even Amazon. When someone has a HD machine, I really like to use the OEM. That said, I've gotten big aftermarket spindles for Husqvarna and Gravely that worked out well. Couldn't make it happen any other way.