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Well, I replaced the starter & solenoid as well as installing the new relay. This worked like a charm. I cleaned all my connection including the ignition switch terminal and now it fires right up like a brand new engine. I couldn't be more happy. The problem was that the design has all the safety switches in series with the signal that goes to the starter solenoid. By the time the signal got to the solenoid it had dropped to much voltage to pick up the solenoid. The new relay uses this reduced voltage to pick up its coil and then sends a fresh 12VDC from the battery straight to the solenoid. Now the tractor fires right up on the first try. If anyone needs the info on the relay, just send me an email.

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You are most welcome my friend. Glad to be of help and see that you are up and running again. The mid pto switch is a real PIA on these machines and doesn't make a good contact. I need to fix mine now. The tractor will not start without slapping the lever back against the stop. I've adjusted it all the way forward too. It's probably just worn out or really dirty.
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I jump my CC 7265 with a screwdriver. The starter & Solenoid are fine. Bad wire somewhere. Keeps others from starting it;)