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Ron Bc

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Apr 30, 2023
Montana 4940
Intermit starter issues. Montana/LS 4950. I have to push clutch pedal back and forth to find the sweet spot to start.Starts cold 100 percent of the time .When tractor warms up(do some heavy work) intermitting starting issues.New battery,ground cable,new ignition switch,new starter relay,new device at clutch pedal.At my wits end! Any advice?
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The fact moving clutch makes the difference you know problem is with clutch safty,why in the world did you replace battery,ground cable,ignition switch and starter relay? Since you replaced safty switch and problem still exists either the switch is bad or there's a wiring problem at switch connections. Test switch with ohm meter to make sure it works then look for broke wire inside insulation where wires connect to switch.
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What he said but also look carefully at what moves or may move when you depress the clutch. You may have a defective wire or a broken or intermittent contact somewhere.
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Thanks guys,new to the forum,was looking for email with replies.Jaxs,are you suggesting I have two bad switches to test?Old and new?Roadworthy,I will check for bad wires (somewhere)I was hoping someone with a Montana tractor had the same experience.
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One of if not the most common problem folks come here with,it's not mfgr specific. If you don't know your way around a multimeter and plan doing your own troubleshooting,have someone show you how it works and save yourself a lot of money,not to mention anguish. The best mechanics would be in the dark without multimeters. You don't need an expensive one,$30-$50 will do the job. I forgot to mention safty switch on seat,moving your butt while messing with clutch pedal might be why it starts.
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Now I have not looked into the seat safety switch,thanks for the advise.I can and do know my way around a multimeter if I know what leads or contact points to read.Also what voltage/ohms reading I should be seeing.The manual that came with tractor is not user friendly.
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If manipulating clutch pedal intermittently makes starter operate the suspect circuit(s) should be obvious. If that doesn't narrow it down and in absence of wiring schematic I'd temporarily bypass safeties then begin at starter relay, work backwards to find where circuit breaks. Just make sure tractor isn't in gear if you bypass safeties. Better still,disconnect cable from starter and hook it to a horn or buzzer while testing.