Stump bucket on worksaver

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Oct 23, 2012
North Idaho
Rhino 554, Ford 550 TLB (JD X500, MTD, Gilson riding mowers) Ford 3000-Sold
Ordered one of the Titan units.

Need to remove one stump for sure where we are installing an 18 by 30 carport.
Right now the JD 550GLT which is shared is at another family members property and will be needed for a while, and I only have a 10 k rated trailer and the other 2 that family members own are under 18 k rated, plus our friend who used to haul the JD dozer sold his big trailer, so at the moment No access to it.

From reading this thread at least a couple people have been able to at least make these buckets work.

Hope it works as a stop gap for me as well.

Any updates on the stump buckets??
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