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STRAY AWAY FROM KIOTI CK25HST! POOR KIOTI SUPPORT IF ANY. SCREW ON FILTERS SO TIGHT A HOLE HAS TO BE PUNCHED THROUGH FILTER TO REMOVE! FRONT ENGINE GUARD does not allow hood to go past guard, increasing the spacing of engine guard with spacers and new bolts! Fuse come loose on fire wall shutting down engine! Rocker control for forward and reverse, forward OK but reverse has to used by putting foot under forward control and pulling up. many screws falling out of hood. All with 200 hrs of use!
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zero turn and a skid steer
I've been thinking on this route lately..........

Well im of a totally different nature! If I was you I would not buy a tractor for its belly mower to me thats all a gimmick! A zero turn will cut it in half the time if its finish mowing quality land! If its not finish quality land and grass then a brush hog is better! But if i was to have land/grass finish quality i would probably go find a classic diesel tractor in the 35hp to 45hp range you know a 40+ year old John deere or if like color red a international! Then I would dedicate it for the brush work! Place a 7' to 8' finish mower on the back and not mess with it! Then get another used tractor with front end loader a few years old can be found 1/3 less than new and still in most cases have warranty still! If you want a tractor that has 20 to 30 years parts availability then it needs to be a 20 to 30 year old tractor that you can find parts! All the new stuff has problems and is not made by the company with the name badges on them they all get parts from other companies and they all have known issues that they let go till your warranty is gone and you are stuck with paying out of pocket! I have a 1960s 35hp diesel tractor that I use with a 6ft brush hog and its been more reliable than my newer tractor and super easy to diagnose if something is not right! It will brush hog just as good as any newer tractor it cost me $2k and mower cost $500! All the 70s to 80s tractors that still have parts availability usually all have most modern convenience! But like I said I'm of a different nature I get pleasure out of using a old classic tractor looking like my grandad did 40 years ago! But whatever you buy remember location of your dealer will be more important than its company name! You will.need parts just a matter of time! If buying a classic then buy brand that is/was most popular around your area like some areas New Holland is every where and in others its John Deere so finding not only parts but mechanics or advice is easier! Good luck and buy biggest you can justify because I have never needed a weaker smaller tractor!
I'm not opposed to this. At the moment we've got too many things to mow around that a finish mower is impractical for the job, a belly mower, zero turn, or garden tractor type unit is needed.

Are you planning on using the tractor to help you build you house. Go bigger with forks.
No, I do not plan on build myself.

You have the right idea, about a reputable Co., that will have parts for you down the road. I would recommend going a little larger, w/ a heavier tractor & loader. I traded up to a JD 2038R a couple yr. ago, w/ loader & deck. I am very happy w/ it, & the auto-connect mower deck, really does work.
That is good to know!
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Well the Husqvarna decided to pretty much rip the axle out of the tractor. It started to bend the structure upward for some reason, guessing the posi unit failed causing excessive strain. All the bolts are tight and accounted for.
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I’m assuming that’s the garden tractor you’ve been using, correct? You haven’t purchased a replacement yet, right?

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I have a small 7.5 acre hobby farm, with slope, trees etc. Useable space is closer to 4 acres, but the horse enjoys the rest. I have some open areas, and some tight turn areas. Since it is a hobby farm, I am not relying on it for income, and I can tinker when I have time. Kubota's BX23S has been terrific around here, and a very capable machine.

Having said that, in other circumstances ... I would be buying a larger machine in the 30 -35 hp range. Even for some of the available implements (auger size, chipper capacity) a larger tractor is capable of a bit more. It would take longer with a subcompact, but most work could still be done.

happy searching
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Everything you describe can be done on a subcompact. But once you get on the 15 acres you'll start dreaming up things that a compact or even a utility tractor would be much better for. I'm partial to Massey Ferguson and the GC line is probably the toughest, best spec'd subcompact out there. If I were to purchase with the 15 acre end in mind I'd be looking at at 1800 Series Massey. They offer mid PTO for the mowing and front blower. Give Yanmar a look too. When I was shopping Deere and Kubota were most expensive of the brands. I found an excellent Massey dealer with great service dept that I was more comfortable marrying than Bota or Deere. Your mileage may vary
Hey bartjoebob ! Have You looked at the new 2021 Massey-Ferguson 1526 ? In the 25 Hp range it has the most HP at the PTO compared to the GC & the fairly new 1800 series but the best thing is they are all Iseki engines. IMG_20201003_134229.jpg
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Don’t be afraid of a rear blower either. I have a 1200 foot gravel driveway and we average 120 inch of snow per year. It’s not hard to use a rear blower once you get the hang of it. It’s a lot cheaper as well
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I like Fords I would look for a nice low houred 3600 diesel they can be had for $7.500 down. These tractors were built when they were expected to go to the field and worked hard for 10 to 12 hr per day not as a chore tractor. These tractor with good care will go 10,000 hrs without much expense.