Super C transmission gone out?

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Oct 8, 2015
53 Farmall Super "C"
My 53 Super C won't move now. i was digging gravel with the front loader and i pushed the clutch in to reverse and put it in gear then let the clutch out and nothing moved. I Thought maybe a gear tooth let loose and it was sitting in a gear hole so i moved the wheels a bit and still nothing. I'm hoping somebody will tell me theres a simple shear pin or something that won't require breaking the tractor apart to fix it.

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   / Super C transmission gone out?
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The clutch works fine, it engages the gears in all speeds and reverse but when i let the clutch pedal out the tractor doesn't move.
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Just a wild guess, but, thinking you may have snapped an axle, or stripped the splines at the end, that go through the bull gear.. Easy way to tell, is to put it in gear at a lower throttle setting. If your brake pedals are locked together, unlock them. Then, easily apply one brake, or the other. If it does move, the side the applied brake is on, is the side that's broken.

Like an "open" rear end on a car/truck, it will power out to the side with least resistance.
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I'll check that out this morning. It's low on gear oil i think, but i wouldn't think that would keep it from shifting or moving.
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You were right, i tried the right brake side and it pulled a little but when i tried the left side it wouldn't budge. Now comes the fun part. Thank you.

Well it's mid afternoon and i managed to take my truck and pull the tractor back up to the shop and started stripping stuff out of the way and got all of the bolts loose except to two rusted ones in the front of the toolbox inside and started spraying rust buster on them every hour till i'm satisfied they are soaked good, then in the morning i'll try to tighten them slightly then if need be toast them with the torch then try to back the nuts off. Then i'll see what's going on. Hopefully it's just the lock nuts have backed off the gear and it moved out of position.DSCF4638.JPG
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just one quick question if there is anybody still out there anything else like the shifter that needs to come off before i can get the transmission cover off? I Have all of the bolts out including the ones inside the steering pedestal. but it is hanging up on something when i pry up slightly in the back. I Don't want to pry up on the cover too much because it might snap in two. That would e my luck. I Could see inside with a flash light and the bull gear is in place and looks o.k. but without getting the cover completely off i can't tell.
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I've never had the cover off the Super C's, but have taken one off a H. Pretty sure there are dowel guide pins in either the cover, or diff. case. That's been 35 years ago,so... Anyway, it will have to come pretty well straight up. Not nearly as heavy as one on an H, or M, but probably still a pretty good chunk.
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Well i finally was able to get the cover off of the trans. and saw the right bull gear laid over with a sheared off axle chunk clinging on. So now i have a ton of work to do to get the axle housing loose. sheesh. All of the half track equipment has to come off. A ton of work for me. Oh well...gotta do it.
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I don't envy you on that job. Looks like those tracks are a little rough on tires too..!!