Swapping a 4WD front axle?

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Nov 6, 2018
Near Denton, TX
Satoh 370 diesel & Cub Cadet 7260 Diesel 4WD standard
I’ll findout Saturday when I go see it & hopefully buy it.

My 1998(?) 7260 standard 4WD is in a coma currently (thread in here already) and I was thinking about swapping that front axle under a 2003 7360.

The 7360’s front axle is advertised as needing front wheel seal replaced.

I figured back both up and swap the axle … at least temporarily until I can track down the axle seal and stuff to repair it.

Meanwhile I was definitely going to swap wheels so that the correct ratio is maintained with tire/wheel combos.

Then when it warms up I can order the parts for repairing the 7260 in the spring. Repair the 7260’s overheating issue & maybe even the clutch job too?

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When changing the front axle from one type of tractor to another, it is more important to consider the gear ratio than the tire diameter. Since both axles are from tractors of the same manufacturer with little difference in year of manufacture, chances are they will have the same gear ratios.