Taking Delivery today!

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Aug 27, 2016
LS XR4145
New XR4145 shuttle. FEL, loaded R1s, 6' Rhino box blade. I'll attach one quick pic taken during the "signing ceremony" yesterday. More to follow after it is delivered.


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Awesome, dstriplett. Looking forward to more pictures.

We are having our new XR3135HC delivered Saturday morning.
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Good lookin' tractor! Have fun!
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Congratulations on your new tractor, just a suggestion for those of us who have paid the price, consider adding an expanded metal guard to your grill guard if you run it in the woods or brush.
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Congrats on the new tractor - Now go get that thing dirty and send us some more pics!
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It's a fun day --- I remember it well. Enjoy it ----- and send more pics!!!!
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Congrats on your new tractor and welcome to TBN...............
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Thanks folks. Looks like the tropical storm / hurricane is gonna interrupt some play time for the next couple of days. Only got to put an hour or so on it once delivered. Rain was coming so one quick pic and then seat time. More to come...image.jpeg
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Quick question. This tractor should be able to handle a Bushog 277 shouldn't it?