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If we stuck to tractors I think the line would be much clearer and very seldom crossed.

However with photo posts, favorite sayings/movies posts, recipes, farm life, etc - many of those can easily and quickly crossover into something political or offensive.

I don’t read most of those. I stick with tractors and implements (as in TRACTORbynet). In fact I’d just as soon all those go away but they don’t bother me as I can skip them. But they often become breeding grounds for off-topic issues that more purely technical conversations do not.

I’ve got no problem with posts being removed because of misspellings. This is someone else’s forum and money and time not mine. His/her/their rules. No the government so free speech doesn’t apply.

Anyone who doesn’t like it is free to go start their own forum with their own time and money and post anything they wish (within legal limits). Here on TBN, adhere to TbN rules or risk having a post deleted.
Deleted for misspelling??? Gee, I think all mine have been missed... :ROFLMAO:
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FWIW, I don't think the moderation is as strict as it used to be.

Anyone who has spent any time talking with farmers at the local country store knows the discussion is never ever in a million years going to be 100% tractor/equipment only.
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Bottom line is if you do not like it , go home . I cannot believe the nagging going on these forums . MTF, ATF TBN . Kevin .
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No thread can collect a couple hundred posts over a few days and not have comments that can be construed political or religious in nature.

The pruning is mostly caused by a member or members reporting the post. Sometimes it might get pruned when a Moderator sees it and deems it inappropriate.

In my opinion, this would be a very boring website if it only talked about tractors. Heck, the owner of the forum doesn't even own a tractor. So he would be banned from posting immediately. :)
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We are all guest/visitor on TBN,if owner TBN wishes not to read/hear about it that's his choice as one would if guest/visitor was at your home etc.
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