The Resting Place.

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I leave you kids alone for 5 minutes and you go and turn "The Resting Place" thread into a politics debate. Who did this? (in my dad voice)

I love it!
DF did, by giving up her place in the Senate
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I hate wearing a suit……

But honestly, hoodieman is an embarrassment to the people of Pennsylvania
To me he looks like Hoodiemunster. Herman in a hood.
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The problem isn’t the old politicians, it’s the people that keep voting for them.
I agree, but only in principle. Unfortunately, when only really given a choice between two dinosaurs, it's hard to blame the people for picking one over the other.
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I wasn't really watching football yet when Butkus played, I didn't realize he was such a vicious hitter.
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Met Dick Butkus in Las Vegas at a charity Pro-Am tournament. Very nice guy. What a player!

I was the pro and Mike Scott, the Astros pitcher, was the athlete celebrity on my team. This was just after his no-hitter to clinch the season championship. I hit the ball pretty far, but he was right out there with me.

Great tournament, fine memories.