Tires do not spin

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Odd it will stall with brakes and not under load with no tire spin. Rims spinning in tire sounds like it would explain it. Any other reason why brakes would stall machine and load would not. Wouldn’t relief valve kick in regardless to avoid stall?
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Boy not for nothing but is it possible your rim is spinning in the tire? This does happen and has fooled quite a few people. Maybe mark the tire and rim try to spin the tires and see if the marks move.

Rimguard has shown to be a good bead lube. There are/is threads on TBN documenting the phenom. But the fronts that are unloaded should spin on the ground.
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Rimguard has shown to be a good bead lube. There are/is threads on TBN documenting the phenom. But the fronts that are unloaded should spin on the ground.
I remember a few threads that had people saying the 4x4 was broken since the tires were not spinning (turn out the rims were spinning).

This would be the first time that front AND back tires are doing it. Also the OP could lock the rear diff. (force more tire grip).

Going to pop some popcorn and see how this turns out!!!
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I've had it about 2 months it's about 4 year's old. It doesn't load up or stall it just stops moving will stall out if you hold the brakes.. 330 hours.
If it is a hydrostatic transmission check for the optimum rpm for the engine while working. If the Rpms are too low the hydraulic pump will not be pumping enough fluid for it to operate correctly. Will it operate at low rpm? Yes. Will it operate correctly in a high demand situation? No.

that said, if at optimum engine rpm it should spin the tires. Wheel slippage or the engine lugging down and going dead should occur if the pump and transmission are good.
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Unfortunately, it's probably working as intended. Got rid of my Mahindra Max 24 for this very reason. In my opinion, the HST relief valve on those machines is set too low. Bought the machine new and was beyond disappointed the first time I tried going up the hill to access the back part of my property only to have the paperweight quit pulling 2/3 of the way up the hill. Had several go arounds with the dealer and even got in touch with a product development guy at Mahindra that stated that is how it is designed. High range was completely useless on anything but flat ground. Got the dealer to bring another Max 24 to my property and mine actually performed better than it did. "Push more, pull more" my butt. There's no point in having the power if you can't put it to the ground. My L2501 w/ FEL & BH and ag tires will spin all 4 (or stall the engine if enough traction) in low range. I'm guessing my BX2670 would pull nearly as much in high range as the Max 24 did in low.
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I'm guessing if the pile of Dirt or Gravel is rock hard and the tractor is not pushing in any more . Try moving the bucket up or down a little to brake up the pile . Or tilt the bucket back and forth a little. If the pile is hard best to raise the bucket over the pile and back drag a load of gravel down first .
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Low . Barley pressing the pedal down
If you are barely pressing the pedal down you are not in low range. Shift the transmission into a lower range so you can push the pedal down more and yes you should then spin tires
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Hydrostatic drive transmissions are sacrificing 20 to 30 % of your engine power. I used a friend's John Deere (about 30 HP) hydrostatic tractor (vintage about 10 years ago) to pull a cord of wood up my mountain. In low range it would rev up, move forward a bit and the engine would die down and forward motion would stop. I disconnected the trailer, went home and got my little 24 HP International 254 with manual shuttle shift transmission. It pulled the load over the mountain with little effort.
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I have the same machine and it will spin the tires in low range. Could be something as simple as hyd pressure too low.
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Refresher needed:
Pressing pedal down less will more likely spin tires than pressing it more. Just like when trying to pull wood up a hill, less pedal is the hydraulic equivalent of being in a lower gear, very different than mashing it down like it’s a throttle pedal.