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Mar 18, 2008
Hello Folks, the starter/solenoid appears to be dyeing. It sounds like a box of rocks (vs the solenoid just skipping in and out -- not a gear meshing sound to me). Intermittent while cranking.

Looking at the repair manual and at the starter (I haven't pulled the plastic wire cover/cap yet) it looks like the hydraulic pump has to be removed to get the starter out. This is a 1998 with the first gen loader brackets (S model is supposed to have the higher output pump too).

Anyone able to comment on the removal process? I can see the 2 top flange bolts, I can't see if the 3rd one is at the end of the motor or if I would have access to it at the flange (not a lot of room in there). I'll likely pop the plastic cover off this afternoon. Of course we have a good sized snow storm on its way.

   / TN55S starter issue
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Well, gave it the delco-remy tune up: smacked it with a hammer. Working for now, but this week is warming up enough to change it.

Looks ugly. The hydraulic pump almost touched it & the fuel filter is right above it, loader mount next to it.
   / TN55S starter issue
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There we go.


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   / TN55S starter issue
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Should be the same starter for a bunch of Case and New Holland models, including: tn55, tn60, tn65, tn70, tn75.
   / TN55S starter issue
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A little mission creep: I have to drain the hydraulic fluid, so replacing the lift arm bearings and seals. Other deferred maintenance as well (fairly simple 'while the tools are out' stuff). I'd replace the cab floor cover, but it's NLA (and the TN75SA is a one piece that is not listed as compatible; not idea why not, I thought they were all the same cab). The loader joystick is likely the first version; the new boot is an oh well, it should work good enough (NLA for the 1st version).

A tedious process to find all the little seals and gaskets, but not terrible. It helped me realize the scope of the project (oh, yeah, if that is the hydraulic oil supply pipe of course I will have to drain it all...). After 25 years, I have zero hope that anything will seal once removed. Working with a dealer staff to resolve the gasket for the power steering pump to auxiliary/accessory drive case. The one for the main lift arm could be the same, but what I need is not shown. I can wait a few days while this resolves itself. FWIW, the power steering pump is a common Bosch/Rexroth used in bunches of equipment, can be had for quite a bit less than through NH.

Found a video removing the hydraulic filter assembly. The guy could have cleaned the work area up, but it does show I may not have to remove the loader bracket (or I may -- mine is an early version loader bracket; TBD). Just posting this for the sake of posterity. Also including a video. Nice to have pictures, regardless of how one might do it themselves. Will also post links to posts here on that. Call it a memory bank.

These posts have a range of ideas -- the simplest is spending a few dollars more for the endless type C clips/snap rings/circlips. Next is bending them while in place, avoiding chasing the thing to get an end out. I found a new bar for cheap, but they were out of stock. This is a common bar for a number of Fiat/Ford/NH tractors. As are the spherical bearings. I was unable to find that exact bearing number (the last few letters), but I decided that the SKF GE25C was close enough. The NH spares picture (online parts tool) showed a slightly different number. These were 2 for $50 vs 1/$82. Hard to argue that. The video was helpful to me to picture that all the wear parts are in the retainer cover (not including the wear surfaces on the shaft). That means you can take it to a bench to do the work. Plus needing buckets under the shaft ends. Hope this is helpful to someone else down the road as well.

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Ordered all the parts. Still not clear what the steering pump seal/gasket number is. Dealer worked with NH parts, it appears to be one or the other of:

500378759 or​

5167989 (seems most likely).​

They are going to sell me both, then pay shipping to return the one I don't need. Okay. Just to have this posted here for anyone with the TN or JX1060 or JX1070. By opening the part numbers above you will find an option to see the various models that this part fits. About 240 models that use the same gasket across the various lands under the Fiat Agri universe.

Best would of course be if there is a way to get the correct part included in the NH/Case parts listings, but I have no influence over that. At least someone may someday find the reference here. In the year 2929,.....