1. H

    4025 Starter Issue

    My 4025 has been giving me starter problems. I can cross the main post on the solenoid and starter works, when you try the key nothing. Not a mechanic so I think solenoid is bad, then I see a starter relay is involved. Help and THANKS
  2. C

    Century 3035 Electrical Issue

    My 3035 will not start, I shut it down to adjust the Forward / Reverse Lever as it didn't always go into forward properly. I made the adjustment and went to start it and I had nothing when I turned the key. Had a similar problem a while ago, mechanic that looked at it thought it was the Clutch...
  3. M

    D2000 Main drive gear issue

    Hey all, I have a d2000, Everything runs great, except, There was a little clicking noise in reverse, but all gears work. Couple weeks ago while mowing loud clicking/grinding starts coming from main gear box, not clutch bearing. I was able to locate the issue. The Reverse Idle Gear has ground...
  4. B

    F2690 steering issue

    Good Day, I replaced ps hoses on my f2690 and where they attach to the lower steering control valve the fittings that go up into control valve came out and so did a little metal plate and a steel ball. I put the steel ball and plate back up in and put hoses on and now I have no ps ,does anyone...
  5. B

    MT 3 Owners (steering issue)

    I have a 2022 MT 357 with 190 hrs. I was driving across town to mow some property and I notice the right front tire moving in and out from front of tire to back of tire. It was very subtle, not a violent wiggle or shimmy and could not be felt in the steering wheel. The left side was also moving...
  6. plowhog

    Odd sprinkler behavior (well issue?)

    Yesterday I started using a rainbird impluse sprinkler on a tripod. Something weird happened I cannot explain? The sprinkler started out with good pressure. Spraying at maximum distance and "ratcheting" back and forth. All good. No other draw or demand on the water system. 20 minutes later...
  7. B

    LA135 cold start issue...

    Folks, I have a gently used (2009 model) LA135 with the 22 HP Briggs-Stratton engine. The tractor only has 107 hours on it. I bought it from a neighbor in August 2022 with only 80 hours for a very good price as her husband had passed away and the mower was just sitting in her garage. I use this...
  8. J

    CK30 - One cylinder not firing, other two are fine

    Hi All, first time posting here after doing a lot of reading! Trying to diagnose a problem with my CK30. Was running fine but now on start up, I get a lot of white smoke. I have pulled all 3 glow plugs and they all seem to be fine. It is the cylinder closest to the driver seat that causing the...
  9. 1

    Electric-Hydraulic Loader Issue

    Kubota L3830 with LA723 and a Bobcat 68’ Combo Bucket. The 3way bucket control is a button on the loader joystick. Press the button on the end of the joystick and the bucket opens or closes. The button is hot wired so it works with the switch on or off. When it is working and the engine off...
  10. D

    Kawasaki Mule Clunking issue after being used pulling a mower out of the mud.

    I was out of town and my friend used my 2010 Kawasaki mule to pull a stuck zero turn out of the mud. It now has a loud clunking noise coming from somewhere and I'm not really seeing where. The clunk happens in every gear, as well as neutral and speeds up and slows down with the throttle. Any...
  11. M

    Kubota rtv x1140 issue while going down hills

    Hi- just picked up a 2018 Kubota rtv x1140; appears in great condition and with under 800 hours. Runs perfectly except when going down a hill: as soon as it picks up enough speed that it’s rolling more from gravity than from the hydrostatic transmission, it seems like a governor kicks in and...
  12. U

    X530 Issue Troubleshooting Help

    I have an X530 I've had for about 2 years. Late last season it started having an issue where it will stutter when I engage the blades at full throttle. Usually this happens when I've had to stop the blades to move something or back up without pulling up on the engagement lever, then go to...
  13. F

    Setting Fence Posts Issue

    I have been setting a LOT of farm/ranch wood fence posts (Round not 4x4) and ran into an issue yesterday that I have not previously had. Most of my ground is hard clay and I do mean HARD and DRY clay. In my one corner at the end of a 1600 foot run I dug two holes yesterday by hand as the...
  14. M

    JD 5400 Hydraulic power issue

    I can raise my bucket and tip in and out, but have no "power" to lift front tires off the ground. I replaced the pump (truth is I wanted one on the shelf anyways), no affect. Everything else looks good, no leaks, fluid/filter good. Kinda thunkin it may be an internal seal somewhere that...
  15. M

    New Holland Fuel Issue

    new to this forum, Appreciate any feedback. i have a New Holland TD 95. We just recently replaced all the filters and changed the oil bc it was bogging down, and just not running as strong as usual. Last weekend it ran fine for about 3 hours, and as i was leaving the field, it started sputtering...
  16. A

    Steering issue

    Power trac pt 425 2002 Problem is have to turn steering wheel alot with sluggish or no response to wheels to turn Can any one help with this issue?
  17. elkhurst1

    TN75da brake issue

    Hello all, been a while since I've posted and have questionable brake issues. I definitely need some expert advise! A little long winded, so bare with me.... Back about 6 weeks ago, I had to roll my TN75da out of my heated shop to remove a tree from the main road at the foot of my driveway. I...
  18. J

    Fuel pump issue

    Thanks in advance for any advise, I have a 2001 NH TC35D and been having trouble getting fuel to the injectors. Sometimes it would start and sometimes not. Thinking it might be the fuel pump I by passed the pump with a low pressure 12 volt pump. It started and ran fine. Now should i leave it...
  19. D

    Foton FT254A clutch and parts

    Buying a 9/2005 Foton FT254A sight unseen except for a few pics. I'm told it needs a clutch. Very limited info online that I have found. I did purchase a parts manual but can't find a service spec manual or online English resources. I see there are 2 clutch options for parts. A single stage or...
  20. B

    Jinma 254 starting issue

    I have a couple of issues going on with my Jinma and starting. 1. It's been really difficult to start. I noticed I had a leak at the valve of my sediment bulb, so I replaced that and no more leak. In getting it going again, had my wife constantly hit the primary bulb and it eventually got...
  21. M

    TN55S starter issue

    Hello Folks, the starter/solenoid appears to be dieing. It sounds like a box of rocks (vs the solenoid just skipping in and out -- not a gear meshing sound to me). Intermittent while cranking. Looking at the repair manual and at the starter (I haven't pulled the plastic wire cover/cap yet) it...
  22. G

    need help, I'm stumped, starting issue, tym 234

    hello all, any help would be appreciated. i needed to start my tratcor in about 28 degrees f. I have never had a problem with this tractor, but i don't run it much in snow/winter at all, a few times. i heated the glow plug(s)? not sure how many, its a 3 cylinder diesel mitsubishi i believe. it...
  23. BaznastyDave

    Easy Tractor Valve Stem Repair & The Issue With Rim Guard Tire Ballast Colby Valve XL

    Watch me struggle with the valve stem cores blowing out. Rim Guard tire ballast is beet juice which can be corrosive to the glue that holds the metal core inside a rubber valve stem. If your tractor has rubber stems and is filled with Rim Guard I suggest you change your stems to metal. Colby...
  24. A

    Hst peddle issue

    I own a 2638 and Lately when I'm operating the tractor moving forward will creep when I let off of the peddle. I have greased the zerks that I have found, and I have shot wd40 onto the other joints. Still doing it, any ideas as to what to try next ?
  25. E

    Shibaura SD 1800 injector pump issue

    Hello, I have a Shibaura SD 1800 that has an injector pump that is bad. Where can I find a rebuild kit or replacement pump and the diagram for it? Thanks and God bless!
  26. B

    1025R hydraulic issue

    Removed the front end loader from 1025r. Re-installed 2 hours later. Now, when I try to tilt the bucket down, it comes up. Hoses are connected properly.
  27. C

    Nor trac 254 steering issue

    my north track 254 tractor the steering is hard, one way and then eases up in power steers properly. When you go to steer back, it locks up again. I’ve changed the oil clean the screen have flow to the piston. I took the diverter valve apart and cleaned it everything seems to be good there. all...
  28. B

    Branson 5520c Idle issues

    Hi everyone, I need help diagnosing my issues. My tractor idles for a while before dying. However, when I have my RPMs up, like at 2500 RPM, the tractor runs fine and continues working. During idle, when using the bucket, the bucket drains a large chunk of my RPM. What could possibly be the...
  29. P

    Iseki sf310 mower

    Hi all, had a sf310 sitting in shed for a couple of years, needed a new a new deck. Finally one came up at a good price. installed it, took it out, after 30 seconds, lost forward reverse in it. was wondering if issue could be air in the hydraulic lines? Or if anyone else has an idea. Hope it’s...