Toro Zero Turn Lights

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I really don't care if you put so many lights on your lawnmower, it fries the battery. Me, I don't dance to that game, never will. We own 2 ZTR's and neither one have or will have any lights on them.
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I don't understand why anyone should be critical of another person adding lights...or not adding lights...
Personal decision based upon their particular situation
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I have lights on one ZT, and not the other. When I was working, daylight was in short supply in the fall, so I put lights on the older mower. Being retired, I can mow my 6 acres and the other 30+ acres I mow on an easier schedule.
In my childhood neighborhood there was a guy that used military night vision equipment to mow his lawn late at night. I enjoy mowing, but I would draw the line at night vision goggles... For me! Do as you wish!
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I put the light kit on my timecutter hd. It only took maybe an hour. Definitely the kit was nice, as brackets, wiring and plugs all fit the mower perfectly. There are 2 lights. One covers the rounded edge of the deck, the other is straight ahead. I needed the lights because in November, trying to pick up leaves after work happens in the dark.