Tractor Colors~ What Would You Pick?

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Nov 11, 2015
South Texas
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Not brand, but color.

I mean all Fords vehicles aren't blue, and all Chevy's aren't red, and Toyotas aren't all orange...

I have wondered why tractors have not followed the same trend? Used to be all cars were black from the factory... That somehow changed.

While I don't have anything against blue, that's what both my tractors are now. Was previously red.

Given the choice, I would pick a tan color. Kinda like coffee with cream in it tan.

What color would you pick?

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I think Ford/New Holland blue looks good and holds up well to aging. Red and orange seem more prone to fading.
I think a lot of that is due to paint mixtures and processes as well.

Asked the Mahindra factory rep why they didn't clear coat their tractors so people wouldn't be stuck with a pink tractor 2 years later. He said they have now. He told me they added a clear coat to the paint mixture that holds up better. I think they started that in like 2018-19 or so.

Saw an old Case tractor that was in the shop and it had a gorgeous shiney, wet paint job. The owner was there, and I asked him how did he get that? He replied he had the whole tractor painted red, with clear coat on top. It was like an 80's model tractor, and it looked sharp.
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My favorite color has always been Hamm's blue.

But nearly every tractor that goes down the road past my house is green. Aren't they supposed to be green? ;)

How fun would it be if we could order tractors with any color of paint like we can with cars & trucks, that sure would make people talk.
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I like the dark green similar to Montana or the new Summit one. If not that, black with just red from the logo.

It is cheaper for them to only do one color scheme. Cars give choices because they make many more and can stay price reasonable by offering 10-12 choices. I figured by now auto makers would have been able to just sell you whatever color you wanted and still keep low pricing.
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The imaginary tractor.

I think the tractor manufacturer's don't give a choice of colors is because color is part of their branding so when you see JD green or New Holland Blue, etc. on a farm, that's an advertisement for that brand.
It used to represent a brand name more than it does now.

Kioti & Kubota are both orange, and now Bad Boy has joined in.

LS & New Holland- blue.

Pretty much the rest are red.

Couple of green brands too.

Why not be the first and offer multiple color choices?