Tractor Colors~ What Would You Pick?

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Interesting most of the old tractor manufacturers were not the colors they became and are known for. example Massey Harris was originally dark green.
As for a specific color, it doesn't matter to me as long as the design and color represent a tractor I can look at and say "that is a xxxxx" which now is hard to do especially from a distance or in dim light, them all appear the same.
As for what color I prefer, I was raised by green and yellow but made my living working on prairie gold, power yellow (Minnie Mo) and red and flint metallic gray, which later became red and charcoal gray , ferguson gray, massey harris red and straw yellow, meadow green and clover white.
Now I own persian orange and red and flint metallic gray, If I could afford it and had space I would have a power yellow.
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Part of it has been assembly. If parts being assembled are primed in the same color as the final paint, hard to spot if something is missed. Hoods - my cousin's NH TS115A has most of the blue peeled off it's plastic hood, looking more every year like Oliver Wendall Douglas's Hoyt-Clagwell. In the 1980's, JD introduced their 9000 series combines with E-dip paint. Assemble most of the machine, then put it in huge E-dip tank with one positive charged, other negative charged, and the paint stuck to the machine in an exact thickness (depending on time in tank) over everything except non-conducting stuff - like hoses, harnesses. Imagine having to have tanks the size of a combine for different colors. I do like Fendt having black special editions, make the people who recently bought Fendt green losers. I am old so have memories of the old days. For a promotion, IH sent out a group of tractors in white. We had a lineup of them in our yard (dad was an IH dealer). However, dealers were required to paint them red after the promotion was over. Dad did the job himself - you can tell because some of those white IH's he sold with dad's red pain job are now splotched 70 years later. When working for Caterpillar, I had someone from Corporate visit me as engineering manager explaining how we had to incorporate theft prevention devices into our designs. An example he had was a Cat wheel loader repainted as a Case loader with Case decals because thieves stole Cats, not Cases. Having a choice Kubota orange on my RTV or camo, I paid extra for camo as did almost everyone around here who bought one, but we are in hunting country and having a camo machine parked on the edge of a field is a lot better than having bright orange when I rent my harvested fields to goose hunters and they are trying to decoy in flocks of geese. Lot of BS here but summary - I like color options although tough for a manufacturer.
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On my 5110G, I'm trying to find time to do either a flat black on it or a carbon fibre wrap. either of those actually look real good on the body style they did. I really hate "green" tractor colors. On my little TC-30 though, ford blue I think looks just fine. I got the idea from this,
In real life it's a real good looking tractor. Notice they advertise custom colors also.
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Not brand, but color.

I mean all Fords vehicles aren't blue, and all Chevy's aren't red, and Toyotas aren't all orange...

I have wondered why tractors have not followed the same trend? Used to be all cars were black from the factory... That somehow changed.

While I don't have anything against blue, that's what both my tractors are now. Was previously red.

Given the choice, I would pick a tan color. Kinda like coffee with cream in it tan.

What color would you pick?

I believe if you buy a Valmet tractor, you can have it any one of a variety of colours, so there are some manufacturers who offer colour choices.
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I like the dark green similar to Montana or the new Summit one. If not that, black with just red from the logo.

It is cheaper for them to only do one color scheme. Cars give choices because they make many more and can stay price reasonable by offering 10-12 choices. I figured by now auto makers would have been able to just sell you whatever color you wanted and still keep low pricing.
I believe there are paint booths that can switch colors in just a matter of minutes. I believe BMW use one, not sure if that's Spartanburg or Bavaria (or wherever they are in Germany.)
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Some manufacturers were willing to paint the tractor any color that was desired, especially when ordered by government entities. JD was known to do this.
Some even attempted to bring attention to certain models that failed. Oliver painted som 880"s mist green, nobody wanted them and most were repainted to meadow green.
Ford painted some gold, IH painted some white and some gold as demonstrators and were supposed to be repainted red after they were sold.
Massey Harris, Case, and others painted them nonstandard colors for the military. Even some had air brakes and other special equipment.
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What's the real story on yellow for construction equipment and vehicles? It's not 100% now, as Daewoo and some others are orange, some red, some white, like Terex, but it used to be 99% yellow, and even the vast majority of dump trucks, and work trucks on a road job. I once heard it was something to do with insurance, but that makes no sense. I would say now White is the norm for fleet vehicles, which makes since, easy to resell, doesn't show dust/dirt as bad, doesn't show scratches; but why Yellow?