Tractor flip

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YIKES. The chain-a-log to the rear wheels makes sense to get yourself unstuck, but if you're pulling out another stuck vehicle, well DUH.

That was scary. Especially after he's already down and then gets whacked back towards the truck. Wonder how they got the tractor stopped; hopefully it just stalled immediately as the video ends.
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He should buy lottery ticket...luckeyyy
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Thank you for posting...

Showing what can go wrong when things go sideways may prevent repeats...
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There a reason for long chains / cables. Pull from solid ground, not the bog the stuck vehicle is in.
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Sometimes I wonder why the drawbar couldn't be mounted on the front of the frame - or all the way under to the front. Then jobs like pulling stumps might be a lot safer. I had a friend killed when he was pulling a stump and the chain broke. Well, hopefully, he walked away from that until another day when he can make better decisions.
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Lucky. At first I thought he was trying the "chain through the wheel" trick... something I did many times in my younger days but would never attempt now.