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Feb 7, 2005
Hope you guys can help out here.

I was using 1430 (diesel) today and shut it off. Now it will not start. Nothing. I did notice the 20amp breaker on the dash had popped out so I pushed it in. It then started. Thought problem was solved...not.

Next time I tried to start it it...again...nothing and the breaker is out again.

I began looking around and did not see anything out of the ordinary except for the breaker.

I tested both sides of the red wire on the breaker and one side is hot. The other is hot when the ignition is in the lst position. Then when the ignition is turned farther, the power is gone and the breaker pops. It will not stay in. I suspect this may be the problem. Or could it be the ignition switch?

The breaker will reset after a few seconds but will not stay in to turn over the engine when the ignition switch is turned to start the engine. All other fuses seem okay.

Appreciate any suggestions...thanks
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I don't know that machine. However, if the breaker is closed (stays in) and has voltage on one side and not on the other, then the breaker has failed. With the breaker open, parallel a 20 amp slow blow fuse with the breaker. If the fuse makes it work then the breaker is bad. If the fuse blows then something else is wrong.

Bob Rip
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You might check to see if the starter circuit is pulling too much current. Some times the starter motor draws heavy if it drags too much. i.e. dirty needs to be lubed.
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Okay, jumped the starter to load the machine onto the trailer and got it home. I still suspect the breaker on the control panel or the ignition switch.
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Does your engine have glow plugs? Perhaps there is a short in one. If you can compare the resistance of two plugs (if there are two) then it will give you a reference. You probably don't have an Ohmeter, so this is not helpful.

Good luck,

Bob Ripley
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You might check the ground connection from the battery to the frame for corrosion. I had a problem with mine and that fixed the problem.
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According to the wiring diagram that breaker is in the battery feed to the ignition switch. I'm not sure if your saying the breaker pops when ign. switch is in the on position or start position. If in the on position, check for a short in any of your accessories. ( lights, engine gauges, hour meter, draft control, electric PTO.) I would especially make sure the pto switch is not on. If the breaker pops in the start position, I would check the starter solonoid.
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I have been messing around a bit more. As stated, I can jump the starter solenoid and it does run.

In answer to the question, yes the circuit breaker on the dash pops out when the key is turned to the start position. In the on position, the lights and guages come on and the breaker remains in.

I am leaning toward the starter solenoid but I got a price of $150.00 from a Deutz dealer...ouch!!!
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When you jump it to start, are you jumping all the way to the starter lug or to the solenoid? If the solenoid will pull in for a jump wire, its OK and your problem is a short in the switch or the wire from the switch to the solenoid.
If your test has been with a heavy jumper to the starter, try removing the switch wire from the solenoid and then jumping from the large positive lug to the switch pole. If it pulls in, you save $150. (If that's for a solenoid only, I'd shop a bit. No reason for it to cost that much, but I've not priced one for the Deutz.)
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Try going to an auto electric shop if it turns out to be the solonoid. My starter is a bosch and most electrical rebuilders - sellers of industrial equipment stock or can order the parts. If you look at one of my posts from last fall, you will see why I know.